‘Star Wars – The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 13 (Part 5)

Okay, today was lazy, fun, and scary all at once.  I started my day out by sleeping in a little then got up to help Heather and the kids get on the bus.  It was kind of nice to see how Heather’s morning goes when she has to get the kids onto the bus.  I couldn’t believe what a pain in the butt that Tara can be even after I usually leave in the morning.  She just isn’t a morning person and this has a drastic effect on her as she just shows no care about whether or not she’s on time.  I told Heather that she needs to miss the bus some time to find out what it’s like to miss the bus and not get her act together for the morning.  She can’t even seem to get dressed within a forty-five minute timeframe.  After the kids left, Heather and I went downstairs to watch “Doctor Phil” and it was so boring that we both fell asleep.  We kind of needed the nap anyway.  I got awake around ten a.m. and got to recording the last segment of TJCS and got it done by noon.  It’s pretty much done.  I just have to piece it all together and finish up a small amount of editing.  It will come out on time and I hope my audience really appreciates the lengths I went to improve the quality of the show.  I’m trying to give it a personal touch.  Let me know what you all think.

At noon, Heather and I decided to watch “Memoirs of a Geisha” on Cinemax because it was on.  Heather insisted we should see the movie when it was in the theaters and I talked her out of it.  She was glad that I did once we watched it at home today.  That movie was horrible!!  It was boring, had a long and uninvolved plotline, and seemed to have no point to it.  I didn’t even appreciate the information that was given to us about the Japanese and Geisha cultures.  Heather and I felt as though we wasted our afternoon by watching the movie.  So, if you’re ever tempted to rent and watch “Memoirs of a Geisha” – DON’T!!!  Shortly after we got done watching the movie, the kids started getting home and we got a phone call from Mark’s Auto Sales.

Mark’s called to tell us that they have not received the payment from Citi Financial for the car yet.  They were informed by Mark’s that they were reconsidering our financing because we hadn’t zeroed out our mortgage bill yet and they refused to pay Mark’s until we could prove that we zeroed out our mortgage bill.  Heather and I discussed what happened and had no way to resolve the matter at this point in time at night.  We would need to review and pursue the issue tomorrow in the morning.  I got worried that they would repo the car simply because of the issues with the financing.  When we called Tracy at Mark’s Auto sales, she told us that taking the car was not an option at this point.  The decision on the financing was nothing that was any fault of our own and that Citi Financial should never have said they would finance us and then a week later say they don’t want to finance us.  She promised they would work with us through this situation.  This has me very scared because I really love my new car and I would hate to loose it.

So, after fretting for a while, we ate dinner and Austin and I went out to Boy Scouts.  We got home and I headed downstairs and watched our usual nighttime T.V. shows together.

Okay, let’s talk about Part 5 of Chapter 13 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 13 (Part 5):  He ran toward what looked like hills for protection.  When he got closer, he found it was not hills, but a creature called the Lorqual.  He instantly felt as though he should get in the fetal position and pray for help.  Lorqual were massive in nature, even bigger than suubatars.  The creature was so massive that it needed six legs to distribute it’s weight evenly.  They traveled in packs and rarely let other creatures in their midst, but were too worried about the storm to mind Tooqui being around.  Then he had an idea that he feared would kill him or could make him a hero.  He reached down and made a carrying basket out of the tall grass and then gathered stones into that basket.  He tried to find the Lorqual that looked the most tired, which was hard to do in the dark.  Next, he carefully climbed up on the Lorqual’s back being careful to be quiet and harmless.  He braced himself and took out a rock and threw it at a fellow Lorqual’s eye.  It moaned and jerked and so did another one, that also got hit by one of Tooqui’s rocks.  He kept chucking the rocks and agitating the herd.  The herd began to sway and a panic could be felt throughout the herd.  Soon after, lightning struck the ground nearby and the Lorqual herd began to move as Tooqui hing onto his steed for his life…..




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