‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 13 (Part 1)

I had a typical day at school today and worked hard to continue to get my students to finnish their workbooks.  Some classes are getting to the point where they are really close and other classes are nowhere close.  All well, I need to have patience and work with all of my students and have faith that they can do their work and understand it to the best of their abilities.  I got home and forgot that Heather had to work tonight because she took off Saturday night so we could go to a freinds’ Halloween party.  So, in order to make up for taking off another night, Heather had to work tonight.  In some ways, this worked to my advantage.  I had a chance to record some more segments of TJCS so that I could get it out on time.  So it was partially a lonely night but also a good night to get some work done.  I’m excited about this episode of TJCS because I think the fans are really going to enjoy it and appreciate the upgrades and show changes we’ve decided to make.  A pretty awesome step up from this past year.  At least I hope everyone feels that way.  The kids were cool tonight and let me do some recording downstairs on my own.  It was nice to have them functioning on their own.  They even put themselves to sleep at 7:30 p.m. without me having to say a word.  That just shows how mature all my kids are and how well behaved and respectable they all are.

Okay, let’s talk about Chapter 13, Part 1 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 13 (Part 1):  We start this chapter with two Qulun chasing after Tooqui.  Tooqui knew that Barriss must be in trouble if she let the Qulun’s chase him down in this way, with strange weapons in hand.  Tooqui worried for the Jedi for he knew they were not gods and succeptable to the the Qulun way of attack.  He was amazed he didn’t hear his friends get attcked because he knew they would not go down without a fight.  Had they been tricked?  Tooqui ran at an incredible speed as he was shot at by the Qulun.  Then he heard the clump of sadain feet as he neared the tall grass he could hide in.  He looked for a hill to hide in, but he was in unfamiliar land and the Qulun voices were getting closer.  Tooqui found a Kholot burrow to crawl into and hide.  It was a good hiding spot, except that it was already occupied by Kholots!…..


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