‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 12 (Part 5)

It’s new car day!!! Yeah!!!  We went over to Mark’s Auto Sales today around 2 p.m. (I got permission to get out of work early) and picked up our new car and signed our life away.  I found out this morning that my district had sent back the proof of employment this morning to the company and they approved the loan.  Excellent!  So, we went to pick the car up and I had a completely spoiled car ride on the way home from Endicott.  The car has power everything, and it rides pretty smooth.  So smooth that I was driving on the expressway and looked down and suddenly realized I was doing 75 MPH.  Woah, better watch the speed while driving this car.  I was getting used to everything in the car, including the power windows, power rear view mirrors and then I realized that the car has some seriously tinted windows.  Man, I hope I don’t get pulled over about those.  Heather and I came home and the kids were all excited that we had our new car and immediately wanted to go out on a car ride.  Heather and I said no, and that they would be spending some time in it this weekend.  They were pretty excited about it and I’m excited to have the chance to drive it to Syracuse this weekend.  Twice!!!  Anyway, we got home and had dinner together.  Heather went back in the bedroom and took a nap while I stayed out with the kids.  She then went to work and the kids and I had a pretty uneventful night.  Actually, it was a really boring night as there was nothing to watch on T.V.  That’s okay, I got some podcasting done (which I’ve fallen behind on in order to get my episode out by November 1st).  I went to bed pretty late and want to get ready for tomorrow.  The last marching band practice before the end of the season competitions and the crazy week ahead.

Time to discuss Part 5 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 12 (Part 5):  Next a scadly clad female Qulun brought forth a case filled with rare bottles.  Baintu urged them to smell the scents, called paluruvu.  Baintu says that even the Alwari use perfumes every now and again to feel elegant after a hard day’s work.  Luminara and Obi-Wan smelled first and were impressed with the foray of scents.  by the time the samples made their way to Anakin and Barriss, they could be smelled all around the room.  At that moment Baintu yawned and Luminara agreed that she was tired and it had been a long day.  However, when Luminara went to stand up, she couldn’t!  She fell to the floor and her eyes began to blur.  She looked up to see Obi-Wan standing and drawing his lightsaber and he didn’t know who he was going to fight…..




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