‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 12 (Part 3)

What a totally fuckin’ awesome day (excuse the language)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had so much fun at the Syracuse Heroes Expo today that I can’t even begin to explain how it all felt!  I guess this entry is just going to have a lot of exclamation points!!  I got up fairly early this morning (7:30) and got myself ready to go to the Syracuse Heroes Expo.  I got a shower and got into the basics of my Jedi costume.  I put everything together and decided not to put all my stuff in a tote because I was afraid we wouldn’t have enough space in Ian’s car (note to self:  Get a bag next time then!!).  Anyway, got all my stuff together, including money, digital camera, TJCS business cards, and my micro-recorder for Podcast interviews.  Ian came and picked me up around 8 a.m. and we headed out to Syracuse with me, Ian, and Charles.  Our other member couldn’t make it, but Charles was able to give her the “Firefly” movie and the TV series that corresponds, so she it going to “geek out” at home to make up for not being able to go.  We got in Ian’s sweet ride and headed up to Syracuse. 

We got there in no time at all.  At least it felt that way because we talked the whole way up.  Okay, I talked the whole way up.  I hope they don’t hate me for talking their ears off so early in the morning.  Anyway, we got to the Syracuse Heroes expo at about 9:30 a.m. and had plenty of time to get into costume.  We met up with the Rochester FanForce members almost right away and crammed into a closet for us all to get changed.  For some reason I couldn’t get all my equipment to go on the way I wanted it to, so the first half of the day I felt very “frumpy” with my costume.  I’m kinda picky about how I want my costume to lay on my shoulders, arms, legs, etc.  We weren’t there for too long before people were taking pictures of me, Ian, and Charles in our costumes which was so cool because it made me feel like a celebrity.  Little did I know, it was only the beginning of the picture taking for the day.  I got onslaught with pictures which was so cool and I loved that kids recognized me as a Jedi and wanted to have their pictures taken with me.  We were there for about an hour or so and that’s when someone told me where Ray Park’s table was.  I was so excited to meet the guy, but he was so cool and such like the average person that he immediately put my nerves at ease.  I introduced myself and told him that I have a podcast online and would love to interview him for the show so that I can put it on the podcast.  He told me he couldn’t promise anything, but depending on how busy his day was at the end of the day, he may be willing to do an interview for the podcast.  I got his autograph on a great picture of him in his Darth Maul costume that had a Star Wars foily on it.  It was great to meet him and he was a really great guy. 

I then went back over to our fanforce table and made myself available for pics and just to hang out with the other FanForce folks in our group.  It was fun just to stand there for a half hour or more and talk to the fans of Star Wars.  It was an enchanting experience.  I then decided to head over to the theater room and watch most of “Reign of the Fallen” in their theater room and had a great time watching it with some fellow fans in the room.  I skipped out before the end and decided to walk around with Ian and Charles.  That’s when we discovered there was an official Darth Vader and Boba Fett there from Pennsylvannia FanForce.  The Darth Vader was ominous and believable and stood probably about seven feet tall.  The Boba Fett was also very realistic and his voice sounded just like the original from the movie!!  Not too long after they joined us, we headed outside to get a fan group picture and that’s when we discovered that someone had shown up dressed up as a Wampa.  It was an incredible costume and the guy in the suit stood about nine feet tall, much like the Wookie does from the Rochester FanForce groups.  It was pretty incredible to see!  Check it out in the pictures section of this blog.  Then Charles, Ian, and myself decided to head acrossed the street to the KFC/Taco Bell to get lunch and we did it in uniform.  It was fun as people stared at us as two Jedi and a Mandolarian crossed the road in front of all of these cars and were either laughing or just staring (more out of fear of Ian in his Mando costume).  We ate there and then saw Ray Park come in as we were leaving.  We went back and had fun walking around the convention.  Not too much later it was announced that the cosplay contest was going to be pushed back an hour.  So, me and two members from the Rochester FanForce group decided to put a little skit together.  It was pretty funny and I played a “gay” Jedi Knight that ran out of battery power on my lightsaber and turned to the dark side just for batteries and then “Anakin” becomes my master and is ticked off that I’m a gay Sith.  It went over so well that we won the contest.  Not too long after that, the people who were selling things in the convention decided to start packing things up.  That’s when I got a chance to interview Ray Park.  His manager gave us five minutes.  That’s all I needed to get a decent interview from him for my podcast.  It was a great interview and lots of fun.

We got done, got out of our costumes and headed home.  We didn’t even stop for dinner, which was okay because I was still full from lunch and I was on cloud nine by the time I got home.  My wife gave me $150 to go to the convention and came home with $100.  Not bad for a convention, and I held myself back from spending all the money on Star Wars stuff.  I talked Heather’s ear off and we watched our usual T.V. shows and went to bed.  What a day!!!

Okay, so let’s continue on with our awesomely Star Wars day by talking about “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” Chapter 12, Part 3 by Alan Dean Foster….

Chapter 12 (Part 3):  Anakin showed disgust and instead they were simply looking for new customers.  Obi-Wan and Luminara hoped the Qulun would at least know the general direction of the Borokii which would speed up their search process.  Barriss noticed Tooqui was quiet and when she asked why, he said he was setting himself up as a pet, which is a good position to trade from.  She tells Tooqui that they’re not here to trade, but get information.  Tooqui says he doesn’t want much, maybe a small toy or weapon for the Gwurrans.  Tooqui asks Barriss if she’ll buy something for him and she says she’ll think about it.  Baintu led them uphill to the Qulun camp as the Quluns were setting up their new camp with buildings, heating, and water condenser equipment.  Some of the buildings caught Luminara’s eyes because of their beauty.  Baintu told her that they are trading rooms to dazzle customers and get them to buy.  Luminara asked if this meant that the Qulun cheat on their trades.  Baintu simply says that the words shady and clever seem to have interchangable meanings.  Luminara said they weren’t here to shop, so she asked why they were setting up trade centers when there didn’t seem to be any clientelle around…..




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