‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 12 (Part 1)

At the end of the day, I have settled into absolute depression.  I just can’t believe the roller coaster ride that Heather and I have been on since the beginning of the day today.  I thought we would walk away with a car today and we didn’t.  We didn’t see it coming and now Heather is breaking down and I’m the calm level-headed one (although I’m pretty much crying as I’m writing this blog).

We started out the day by both calling in “sick” to work.  Evidently Tara had an ear infection today (imagine that {smile}).  We took Austin to his doctors appointment and he got cleared to play football on Sunday.  Then we went over to BHM (our repair shop) and picked up the car that is really not working well.  Now, here’s the shit of it all!!  The wagon is running perfectly fine.  Like nothing is wrong at all!  The only problem with the car is that the “check engine” light is on.  It even shifts up to fourth gear and uses the fourth cylinder and even gets up to 70 on the expressway with no problem.  What the hell!!  We took Austin to school and had nothing to do.  So, we decided to go look at cars.  We headed over to Botnick Chevrolet on Front St. because they were having one of their “repo Joe” events and Heather and I thought we may find a car for a decent price and affordable monthly payments.  Well, our salesman looked at our financing quick and said he didn’t see why we couldn’t afford some of the cheaper cars on the lot.  So, we found a Kia Rio that was beautiful on the inside and out and had less than 35000 miles on it.  Awesome!!  Heather fell in love with the car immediately and loved the test drive we did in the car.  The payments would be $199 a month.  It would be tight, but we could swing it if we had to.  So, we came inside and filled out a whole bunch of paperwork to get our loan approval.  The salesman told us to wait in their waiting room and that he would know within the hour whether we got approval or not.  An hour and a half went by and we heard nothing!  So, I went in and asked him what was going on.  He told us that they were checking with 22 banks and that this takes time.  They were looking for the best deal for us and they should be done within a half an hour.  Another hour goes by.  By this point, there’s steam coming out my ears and Heather herself is starting to get upset.  When I ask the salesman again what is going on, he says they are trying to negotiate the right deal for our car.

By this point it’s going on 1 p.m. and Heather and I haven’t had lunch and we haven’t been home at all.  Worse yet, my parents could show up at any moment and Ruth is going to come home in an hour.  I tell the salesman we are heading home and that he can call us there with an update on our financing.  My parents show up at our house and I tell them what has been going on.  Needless to say, it was very depressing.  I felt horrible that my parents had to walk into this situation.  Worse yet, Heather had lost faith by this point simply because she was convinced that no one would give us any credit to get a car.  Ruth came home and was very excited to see grammy and papa.  She was also excited about the birthday party she was going to go to that night.  I finally convinced Heather to call back to Botnick at 3:30 p.m.  (mind you, this is now four and a half hours after we filled out the paperwork!) and that’s when she found out that we weren’t approved.  This sent my wife into a massive state of depression.  She decided to call “Just in Time Auto” in Endicott to see what they could offer us that we could see tomorrow.  They were very excited to talk to her and said they would meet her there tomorrow since they don’t normally show up on Saturday for financing.  She made an appointment for 11:45.  I spent the rest of the evening pretty much arguing with her (with my parents around, which I’m not proud of).  I was trying to convince her to continue going to used car sales lots and not to go to a buy here, pay here place like Sonny Manny’s and a Just In Time Auto Sales place.  She was convinced that none of them would give us credit and that we would be wasting our time.  She said she was sick of people laughing at us about our credit rating.

Papa walked down to pick up the other two younger kids from the bus stop.  They were so excited to see him, but Austin was in tears.  Evidently his glasses broke at school and they were unrepairable by myself or my father.  The good news is that they are still under warranty at Wal Mart.  The bad news is that we need to use my parents’ car to get us there.  So, the plan was to drop Ruth off at her birthday party, head to Vestal for Austin’s glasses, come home and drop gramma off and papa and I would head over and pick Ruth up from her birthday party.  So Heather left with the wagon and headed to work.  We ate dinner (spaghetti) and then went to work on our plan.  Everything worked out fine and we got Ruth to her party and Austin his new glasses.  When we got home, I called our pastor one more time (I had been trying to call him ever since we found out about the issue) and finally got ahold of him.  We had a great discussion and he really suggested staying away from the “buy here, pay here” places because they can reposes your car in a moments notice if you’re even one day late and have explained the situation.  He suggested Mark’s Auto Sales in Endicott or Dependable Auto Sales on Front St.  So I checked both places our on the net and found a time opening for Mark’s and NO information on Dependable.  Mark’s opens at 9 a.m., so I suggested to Heather that we get to Mark’s at 9 a.m. tomorrow and see what we can find and what they can do and then head over to Just In Time, since she insisted that we go there.  So, that’s the plan for tomorrow and my parents are going to come with us and bring the kids along.  I would love my dad’s input on our purchase and see what he thinks about some of these cars we would look at.  I watched some TV with my parents for a little bit till I headed to bed out of sheer exhaustion.  I have gotten so little sleep over the past week, I didn’t even realize that I was sleeping on a Futon.

Okay, time to talk Star Wars and Part 1 of Chapter 12 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 12 (Part 1):  Obi-Wan was indifferent to their new friend and Anakin found him amusing.  Tooqui was keeping his word by doing chores such as gathering firewood and learning to operate simple devises to help around camp.  The only people that were truly anoyed by Tooqui were the Alwari.  Luminara didn’t understand why the two species couldn’t get along but hoped this trip may convince Kyakhta and Bulgan to view him in a better light.  It was starting to get dark when Kyakhta spotted something on the horizon moving from East to West.  Obi-Wan took out his binoculars and Anakin wondered if  it was the Borokii.  Obi-Wan says he doubts it as this group is traveling without a herd and he hopes Bulgan and Kyakhta can tell them who they are.  They are told it’s the Qulun clan and the Quluns are traders…..




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