‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 11 (Part 7)

This was a busy, busy day!  I didn’t realize how much I could smash into one day when I really wanted to.  I had talked to several people about what Heather and I were doing about the car and have become very leery about buying a car right away, almost on an impulse buy.  I don’t know why, but I’m afraid that that will do us in.  I came into school and started a new lesson with my eighth grade classes and I think it went over well.  Students didn’t get a fair chance to finish their worksheets, but I figure I will give them more time to do that next week.  My other classes continued with a music history lesson and I began to realize today that I don’t have that much time till the end of this quarter, which is coming up quickly. 

I came home and Heather and I agreed that we were going to get out right away and get over to Sonny Manny’s Automotive on Upper Front St. to look for a car.  We got instant approval from them as they are a buy here pay here kind of place.  We looked at three cars and none of them really impressed me much and I had knots in my stomach about all three.  The first was a 2000 Chevy Malibu that was nice and in decent condition, but it had 120,000 miles on it and like I said to Heather, we may end up in the same position we were are in, in about a years time with a car with that many miles.  The second was a Chevy Cavalier that looked like it was in just crap condition.  It also had close to 100,000 miles on it and it was showing it.  What really made me nervous was the rusted bolts on the seat anchors.  So, we went on to a Ford Contour that had 70,000 miles on it, but looked like it had the crap kicked out of it and I was nervous about buying a Ford.  With all the problems I’ve had with our Ford Escort, I’ve decided that I don’t want to buy a Ford ever again (if I can afford not to)!  On our way back to the dealership, I insisted we call Heather’s father on our cell phone (since I can’t get ahold of our parents) and talked to him about our best options.

Well, Heather didn’t like what he had to say.  He suggested we try a regular dealership.  I agreed, but didn’t try to look like I agreed.  He tried to tell her not to rush into this decision and that she needs to consider what car dealerships and credit agencies really look at.  They don’t look much at your credit rating.  Instead they look at your income to money owed ratio and ask themselves if they think you can afford that kind of money.  He urged Heather not to buy any cars and to give a dealership a chance.  We went back to Sonny Manny’s and walked away.  I don’t know why, but I felt relieved.  We didn’t get a chance to get dinner, instead, we went to Austin’s football practice.  He had to be in one practice in order to play on Sunday and this one counted.  He was really excited as he got some of his equipment tonight.  We then decided to try Dependable Auto Sales on our way home, but they were closed.  We stopped at the Hess Station, got two pizzas for $12 and went home and had a really late dinner (8 p.m.) and the kids went to bed while Heather and I went downstairs to watch our usual shows (“Survivor”, “CSI”).

Let’s talk about Part 7 of Chapter 11 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 11 (Part 7):  They spent the rest of the afternoon educating the Gwurrans.  They decided to strike camp before nightfall as they were afraid of the Gwurrans that were still “curious” about their food.  As they were packing up, Tooqui confronted Barris and asked her if he could go with them.  Barriss says he can’t come with them and Tooqui says he fights hard and doesn’t eat much and is small enought to fit on a suubatar.  Barrisss asks if he will steal their food again and Tooqui promised not to.  Luminara tried to explain to Tooqui tha their mission is very dangerous and that Tooqui can’t take care of himself, and of course, Tooqui disagreed.  Tooqui even suggested they think of him as a pet and Luminara wants to learn about the world and come back and teach the Gwurrran.   Barriss interjects and asks Luminara why they can’t hae a “pet”?  Luminara said that there must be something, somewhere, but that they were not equipped for guests and Tooqui says he can equip himself.  Luminara finally broke down and agreed but told Barriss she was responsible for him and she warned Tooqui that if he slowed them down in any way, then he’d be sent back home.  Luminara told her padawan to keep him quiet and away from her and Tooqui promised to be a good Gwurran.




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