‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 11 (Part 4)

It was a typical Monday at school.  I had classes that worked hard and got much done and I had others I had to motivate along, but they all worked fairly well.  Got done with school and came home and found out that my new Jedi Belt had not arrived yet.  I’m still waiting on the belt because the first one they sent me was the wrong size.  It will be nice to have my belt soon.  I have less than a week till Syracuse Heroes Expo and I can’t wait!  I don’t know why I’m so excited about such a small con, but maybe it’s because it’s my first con with my Star Wars group.  Besides, it’s my first con where I will be able to interview people for my podcast.  That in and of itself is pretty awesome!

Got home, wolfed down dinner and headed to Marching Band.  There was a lot of tension at band tonight and there was another rehearsal with a big lack of focus.  We worked hard the whole night to get our goals accomplished but the students seemed rather talkative and on edge all at once.  We discussed approaches to solving this problem after rehearsal.  We also got our staff shirts after rehearsal, which was really cool.  I was looking forward to receiving them and feeling like we can all feel like we’re part of the staff.   Now we can look the part as well as act the part J.  I came home, Heather and I watched “CSI:Miami” and then went to bed out of sheer exhaustion.

Let’s talk about Chapter 11, Part 4 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 11 (Part 4):  Tooqui was surprised that Barriss was not mad at him.  Barriss said, to the contrary, that she admires him for stealing from Jedi in broad daylight.  That gave Tooqui an ego boost and he referred to himself as bravest of the brave.  Barriss said Tooqui seemed friendly and he took offense and said he was the most feared of all the Gwurran.  Barriss went to reach out and touch him and he jumped back in response and asked not to be touched.  Barriss informed him that if he is to join the party with her, then he needs to return what he took.  Barriss said the food wouldn’t taste good unless it was rehydrated anyway and she promised Tooqui first dibs at the food.  Tooqui agrees and tries to urge the other Gwurrans to join him with the strangers.  Barriss walked back toward her companions with food packs slung over her shoulder and a whole tribe of Gwuarrans chattering and following behind her.  As they walked they asked her many questions…..




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