‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 11 (Part 1)

Yeah, Friday and it’s payday!!  This is when life is all good.  I was severely cheesed off after last night because I went through one of my classes project notes for my music video projects.  Of the six groups in the class, five of them picked songs with explicit lyrics or explicit topics.  Only one group choose an appropriate song.  So, I made the executive decision today that I was not going to let that eighth grade class do the video project as they had all already decided they weren’t going to follow instructions.  So now that group is watching “West Side Story” as well.  That means of my three eighth grade classes, only one is still partaking of the project.  Guess this will save some space on my hard-drive on my computer.  Anyway, went through my day today and things seemed to go well.  What can I say, it’s a Friday.

I am really starting to feel the pinch on “The Jedi Council Speaks” One Year Anniversary Episode.  I have been working on the notes and started doing some recording tonight.  I have quite a bit to get together.  I have the intro finnished and I have been working on editing the interview I did with Robbie Chastain.  I also got “In The Bag” recorded and started my notes on Twileek Talk.  Lots to do with very little time.  I’m feeling the pinch and I’m not sure if I’ll get this show out on time.  I’ve already delayed it once and I have vowed I will not delay it again.  It will get out on time.  It may just be by the hair on my “chiny chin chin”.  I stayed up until one a.m. recording and taking notes for the show.  Tommorrow will be a fairly busy day as well.

Time to talk about Part 1 of Chapter 11 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 11 (Part 1):  The situation with the airborne Chawix didn’t last long.  As they went to mount their suubatars, Barriss was startled by a creature digging through a rear pack on her mount.  She noticed the crature looked much like an Ansionian, but with dark hair instead of light hair.  She yelled at the creature to stop, and the creature grabbed several food packs, screamed, and ran.  As she turned the corner of the suubatar, she expected to see the creature huddled in the corner, instead it was crawling into a hole in the rock.  She couldn’t let the thief get away because the needed all their supplies, so she chased after him.  She was split between continuing the chase and going back and telling her companions where she was what she was doing.  The cave was getting bigger but Barris was catching up to her thief till he suddenly turned around, confronted her, and began yelling jibberish…..


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