‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 10 (Part 4)

This was actually a fun Monday.  We had decided last night that we weren’t going out of town.  I was supposed to go out of town to visit a friend today and we had decided that 1.  We couldn’t afford the trip at this moment and 2.  We are going to be doing a lot of traveling in October, November, and December and that we better keep travel down to a minimum.  I decided today was a day to get caught-up on school work.  I watched “West Side Story” and created a curriculum sheet to go with it.  I needed to as one of my classes is watching it as an alternative assignment to the Music Video Project.  I know, I’m such a mean guy.  When I was all said and done, there are 120 questions to go with the entire video.  Then I worked on grading papers ( I was two weeks behind on that) and while I did that, I started to watch “Star Wars:  A New Hope”.  While I was doing this, the kids went outside and raked leaves (hey, I’m not a slave laborer, they volunteered!).  After they came in for lunch, they ended up joining me downstairs.  Austin heard the music and immediately knew what it was and came rushing down the stairs to join me.  The girls joined soon after and we watched the rest of the movie together.  I got done grading papers and figured, I already watched the first one, might as well watch the next one, so we pulled out “Star Wars:  The Empire Strikes Back” and watched it.  When we were getting to the end, Heather ended up showing up from work.  She went upstairs and took a nap while we finished watching the movie.  When it was over, we all headed upstairs and helped to get dinner together. 

I was really excited to find out while we were watching dinner, that my band won “The Tournament of Bands” parade competition downtown today.  I was so proud for our kids, for our staff, and just for the program in general.  It needed this boost and I can’t wait to go to practice on Wednesday night and let them know how proud I am of them.  After dinner, I came downstairs, brainstormed a way to put the T-Visor on my Boba Fett helmet and followed through and made it happen.  I went back to hot glue and it worked superbly!  I had to cut the T-Visor to make it fit, but it did fit eventually.  The only bummer was that I did kind of give a “smokey” look to the T-Visor because of the messy epoxy I used yesterday.  I tried to get rid of the epoxy, but it just didn’t seem to help.  I used nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol, but neither seemed to work very well.  I guess I can just deal with it for the time being.  Maybe my dad or father in law will have a better idea later on.  It looks really cool now with the official T-Visor and my kind of crappy Don-Post helmet has just been upgraded and solidified with the addition of the T-Visor.  Heather and I were able to watch our Monday night shows together for the first time tonight.  It was kind of a nice addition.  I had to tape “Heroes” which I have totally become hooked on and I figure I will watch it tomorrow night at eight o’clock when I don’t have anything to watch on T.V. anyway.  Time to go back to school tomorrow.  I really could use another day off, but this is how life goes.  Back to the grind!


Grab your Star Wars book, your lightsabers and get some blue milk!  Time to talk about Part 4 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 10 (Part 4):  The president of The Commerce Guild was a very powerful person with servants, bodyguards, and more.  Shu Mai was having Senator Mousul watched.  Shu Mai realized that outside the Senate halls, Mousul was just another Ansionian and had to be watched.  Mousul was the younger of the two of them but has been duped into taking charge.  However, when it comes to dealing with their unknown benefactor, Shu Mai is called upon to take over.  They were both currently relaxing on a boat on Savvam Lake.  Mousul told Shu Mai that their supporters, including Tam Uliss, are impatient with the lack of progress.  Shu Mai says they simply need to be patient.  Mousul says the Jedi on Ansion are complicating matters and they can’t vote till they are taken care of.  Shu Mai says her agents are on the job and admis that life would be easier if she could buy off the Jedi Knights.  Mousul says it can’t be done, but Shu Mai implies that it may already be happening.  Shu Mai said the Ansionians need ot be urged to be patient.  They reveal that Lake Savvam is atop a highrise on Coruscant….



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