‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 10 (Part 3)

What a day!!  It’s been fun, annoying, upsetting, and happy all at once.  Yeah, I know, how can a day have all of these emotions in it?  Well, let me explain.  First, Heather got home pretty late from work last night, so she and I didn’t get very much sleep between the two of us.  We went to leave for church this morning and we tried to find our music for choir and we searched and searched the house for it.  I know it was here because I looked at it and Heather looked at it throughout the week, yet it wasn’t where either of us left our parts.  We looked everywhere and the kids helped.  It was so annoying to not be able to find something simple like a piece of music in our house.  The only thing that Heather and I can figure is that Ruth moved the music when she went to practice piano this week and moved our music but can’t remember where she moved it to.  By the time we got done searching the house, we realized it was 10:45 a.m.  Too late to get to church.  We just totally lost track of time and didn’t realize the morning had gotten that late.  I’m afraid to tell our choir director that we lost the music because it makes us look like schmucks and disorganized and I don’t get along with this guy too well already.  So, we decided to hang out as a family till I had to go to my Star Wars FanForce meeting.


Our FanForce meeting was a ton of fun.  We hit on a lot of interesting topics including the new “Battlestar Gallactica” series and how the acting is poor.  We talked about Jar Jar yet again, and of course I defended him, YET AGAIN!  Anyway, we all agreed to get together next time and record together for my next podcast as a group at Barnes N’ Nobles.  I think it will be cool and will give others a chance to see what our group talks about when we get together.  We really have some great conversations.  I think we’re all pretty excited about doing the Syracuse Heroes Expo and the Halloween parade in Syracuse the week after.  It’s really going to be fun and I think it will be cool for us to get together in costume and interact with other FanForce groups.  It will make all these Sunday meetings totally worth while (as if they weren’t before this point).  We had fun going to the parking lot and comparing our wears there.  I was able to show them my completed Wookie Bowcaster and I got a Boba Fett faceshield from one of the members of the unit and I gave him my extra hair so he could create Wookie braids for his Mando costume.  It was a good trade and I got excited about it.  Heather text messaged me (a new feature of the phone that she has found) and let me know she was at the game with the kids.  When we got done with our meeting, I went back inside and grabbed this month’s issue of “Star Wars Insider” and then headed to J.C. to the football game.


When I got to the game, my sons team was getting hammered by the other team yet again.  The only positive news about his football team is that they actually had a successful pass this week.  Honestly, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the team and it just doesn’t seem like they have mastered some basic skills.  Even Austin has been noticing that they don’t tackle correctly and that all they do is run the ball and VERY rarely ever pass the ball.  It’s kind of depressing.  My girls were really having fun cheerleading and having a blast with the coach.  When we got done, we caravanned our way home.


When we got home, I started to unload all my Star Wars prop equipment from the car.  Heather went to the bedroom and took a nap and I went downstairs and watched some football and ate a small snack.  I also took some time to finnish up small portions of the Wookie Bowcaster project (Orange deflector so police know it’s only a toy) and I epoxied my Jedi boots back together.  I wanted to start on my Boba Helmet by putting the T-Visor in it, but that didn’t quite happen.  When Heather got up, she made dinner.  When we got done with dinner we headed back downstairs and I went to town on my Boba Helmet.  I cut it with my jigsaw and was almost ready to cry because I was so afraid about what was going to happen if I didn’t get the T-Visor in correctly.  We tried and tried and tried to get the T-Visor to fit, but nothing was working.  We tried hot glue, but it wouldn’t hold to the helmet very well.  I tried epoxy, but it ended up being too messy.  Now I’m afraid I may have given the T-Visor some permanent streaks.  I decided to put the helmet aside and the T-Visor aside and think about how to attack this tomorrow.  I have a day off, why not?


Time to put on the Jedi costumes and breath real hard.  Let’s talk about Part 3 of Chapter 10 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 10 (Part 3):  Obi-Wan asked Luminara if she would like to try one, but she refused and said she just needed a bath.  They moved on looking like a dirty, ragged mass.  The next day they found a spot in a stream where they could stop and clean up.  The Jedi stripped down to their under robes and cleaned in the water and Bulgan and Kyakhta joined them soon after.  The suubatars were even brought into the water to clean off.  Luminara took the time to lay on the sand by the water and enjoy the moment.  They all laughed as Obi-Wan uses The Force to force the water to clean the suubatars.  Anakin and Barriss were doing the same to each other further upstream, much like squirt guns.  Luminara soon began to play with the water itself…..




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