‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 10 (Part 2)

One word can describe today.  MARCHING BAND!!  Okay, so I can’t count and it’s actually two words.  I woke up fairly early this morning and got over to Vestal HS and had practice with the band.  The kids seemed to be doing pretty well and I think the show has some serious “umph” with the new visuals that we’ve put in.  Some “Great Ideas” (by the way, that’s the title of the show!)!  Anyway, got done with practice and headed home and one of the staff members and I rode up together.  We went to Hooters in Syracuse and got the same crappy waitress that Josh and I got over a year ago while we were there.  Just like when Josh and I went, the service took forty minutes to arrive and when it did get there it was cold.  It took so long, we were running late, so I had to take some of my wings to go.  We got to Auburn a little later than we intended and I found out that the Auburn show is horribly run now!  It was disorganized and just didn’t seem to have it all together.  I was dissapointed by the show and so was our director (I believe).  The kids did an amazing job.  An incredible job and really pulled off the show well.  I was really happy with the performance.  You wouldn’t know it by judges scores, however.  We had a judge that yet again lied to us and this time said he put us in the wrong box “by mistake”.  By the way, Josh, if you’re reading this, it’s your current director.  (think about it and you’ll put it together)  This judge sat in our meeting and bold faced lied to us!  I was pretty ticked off about all of it and couldn’t believe  that two weeks in a row this guy “made a mistake” which I now know was not a mistake but a purposeful drop in our score.  It’s very depressing.  The other staff member and I drove home together and got back by 10:30 p.m.  Not too bad.  Heather and I stayed up a little and talked and then went to bed.  It was time to get some rest with another packed Sunday tommorrow…..

Chapter 10 (Part 2):  Soon they all heard the Kyren smacking against the stone surface in rapid succession.  The question that remained was how long did they have to wait?  One Kyren hit Obi-Wan’s leg and he picked it up and observed it’s double set of wings and open jaw of teeth.  Luminara tried to cry out to Barriss, but nothing could be seen or heard around the flying flock.  Even though the flock didn’t seem to thin, the number of Kyren bodies hitting the pillars began to lessen.  Soon the black sky was replaced with a blue sky.  No one was injured, but Anakin got a scratch on his forehead because he peered around the pillar out of curiousity and got whacked by a Kyren.  When they looked at the prairie grass, it was all still standing, but shorn at the tops.  Obi-Wan picked up a Kyren and said that to a nomdic people, he could see where these animals may make a good food source.  Bulgan said that even after they are cooked, they still taste horrible…..

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