‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 9 (Part 2)

I am totally exhausted today.  I think it’s just because it seems like the weekends make me more exhausted instead of resting me up for the work week.  Is that normal or am I crazy?  Or, Maybe I’m just too damn busy.  Or, it could just be a combination of both!  Anyway, we did workbook work with students today and I have one class that just totally frustrates me.  They don’t want to do anything.  They can’t seem to stop talking.  One of these days I’m just gonna snap on the class and start throwing kids out left and right.  I have tried to use my patience (which many of you know is very thin as it is) and get through, but it’s getting harder every day.  Going on, I’m impressed with most of my classes however.  They are all ahead of schedule and I may even be able to get out of workbooks early and work on performance and projects.  My one class today (the one I just referred to) decided, by vote, that they don’t want to do the Music Video project using the camera and my laptop.  All well, their loss.  What they don’t know is that this means they will start a unit on Musicals on Thursday starting with “West Side Story”.  A step back from producing a music video, but I think it will get through to these rough kids as they need to see where violence could potentially lead them and I think “West Side Story” may actually get to them.  Who knows!

Got home today and didn’t have my Jedi belt yet.  Oh, I don’t think I told you all about that.  I had plans on going to Syracuse to get leather to make my own Jedi belt.  But, when Heather and I researched it, it seemed quite costly and it seemed like it would be a pretty expensive venture doing it on our own.  So, we started out at my favorite website, Ebay!  Yay!!  I managed to search around on Ebay and find a Jedi Belt (XL, mind you – for a 47” waist) that only cost $40 plus shipping and handling.  That is much cheaper than Heather and I going to Tandy leather and buying the leather and making our own.  So, we decided to Ebay it using a gift card her boss gave her as a reward for working hard.  If you can’t tell, I’m kind of anxious for it to get here.

Anyway, I got home and asked Ruth how she did on her “gifted and talented” test.  She told me okay, she had some hard Math problems that frustrated her, but other than that felt the test was okay.  That puts my mind at ease and makes me really wonder how she did.  I had to wolf down dinner as always and got off to Marching Band rehearsal as fast as I could.

Rehearsal went great!!  We had a wonderful rehearsal and added in a whole bunch of cool special effects moves and worked on adding a dance to a sequence of the song like we discussed Saturday.  It looks great and I think it will add a lot to our show.

I came home at a decent hour and Heather and I watched C.S.I. Miami and then went to bed.  Let’s talk Jedi, or Star Wars, or Approaching Storms!  “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm”, Chapter 9, Part 2 by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 9 (Part 2):  Anakin told him he entertained everyone, to which Obi-Wan said that this is the power of story.  Anakin asks if all his stories have happy endings and Obi-Wan says his endings are always a surprise.  Anakin said he was referring to real life and Obi-Wan says it depends on the “ingredients”, but then tells him to pay attention to Luminara just like the Yiwa are.  Now Luminara had gotten up and was standing center stage.  Luminara knelt down and picked up some sand and let the wind take the grains and blow them away.  The Yiwa tribe was very unsure and began to stir.  She knelt down again and picked up a handful of sand.  This time when she dropped the sand, it fell against the push of the wind.  Soon, the sand wasn’t even falling down, but falling up.  Within minutes, Luminara was surrounded by columns of upward moving sand that made her look like she were in a sand tornado.  Then she floated in the air with the sand and rotated with it and turned so she was horizontal with the ground.  She slowly lowered herself down  and slowed down the sandstorm she had created.  When she finnished, she bowed once and headed back to take a seat with her fellow Jedi.  When Barriss asked how she felt, Luminara said dizzy…..




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