‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 9 (Part 1)

We got up fairly early today for church.  We had to get the kids together for football after church and Aunt Tara Lynn was meeting us at church, so it was important for us to be on time.  The girls got their outfits together and Austin got his uniform together.  He was excited because I told him that he may be able to at least warm up with the team this time since they don’t do a lot of hitting when they do initial warm-ups.  That excited him a lot.  We went to church and I got a chance to actually sit in the congregation.  Heather and I have decided that we’re going to sing in the choir (both of us) since the kids are starting to get old enough to behave in the pew on thier own.  At least we hope so.  So, after church I talked with the choir director and he agreed to let us simply show up to the rehearsal on Sunday morning and sing since we’re such good sight-readers.  He agreed and we’re going to start next week doing just that.  After church, the kids changed into their uniforms and we took off for the game.  Aunt Tara Lynn was so proud of her cheerleading niece’s, I could just see it in her face.  Austin got a chance to warm up with the team, but his team performed pretty poorly on the field again.  He’s even upset.  He was walking up and down the sideline telling his teammates to “wrap the legs to tackle em!”  He was trying to urge his team to keep trying.  Uncle Mike would have been proud!  Anyway, we got done with the game and came home.

I went downstairs and took a nap while trying to watch some football games and get some highlights from the day.  We had dinner tonight and Heather made a really nasty tuna casserole.  Didn’t each much of that and neither did Aunt Tara.  After dinner she offered to go to “Cold Stone Creamery” (which I think she suggested because dinner was so bad).  The kids even thought it was pretty bad stuff and, of course, Heather made a TON of it!  After dinner we watched T.V. together and went to bed.

Time to discuss Part 1 of Chapter 9 of the book “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 9 (Part 1):  The Yiwas didn’t understand the words in Anakin’s song but the melody was beautiful and contagious.  As he finnished, there was a short silence followed by whistling, hissing, and knuckle cracking.  As he sat down, Bulgan pulled him on the back and said the melody was pleasing.  Obi-Wan said that just when he’s ready to give up on Anakin, he surprised him again.  Obi-Wan noticed that when he sang, Anakin’s voice dropped.  Anakin guessed that his voice was still changing.  Obi-Wan was next and moved to the center of the room to entertain the guests.  Anakin was anxious as to what Obi-Wan was going to do.  He’d never seen his master sing, dance, sculpt. or do anything of an expressive nature.  As he got to his position, Obi-Wan simply began to talk.  At first, he lost his audience, they even began to physically move away.  But, after time, he drew them back in.  After a time, no one could seem to rip themselves away from the tal the Jedi was telling.  His story had it all, hero, heroines, villains, war, children, love triangles, revelations, and betrayal.  Soon, the audience was demanding to hear the end of the tale.  At the very last surprise fo the story, they shouted for joy at the storyline.  Obi-Wan finnishes the story and strides over to the other Jedi and takes his seat next to them….


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