‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 8 (Part 5)

Today was an interesting day at best.  I came to school this morning knowing we would run a Z-Schedule in the morning which would break-up classes and would make it near impossible to get students to focus on school work.  I knew this would be the case, so I had planned on this idea by having my eighth grade students watching their Jazz video and with my seventh graders by having them practice keyboard and catching up on classroom work.  It worked out okay, but the students behaved exactly as I expected them.  They simply were not focused after we ran our Z-Schedule security drill.  The good news is that the drill went smoothly.  I don’t know though, the whole drill idea kind of seems like it defeats the purpose to me, which is to have students do what they need to do in a panic when they need.  Shouldn’t we create some panic in order to have the students understand what that is like?  I’m not saying we should re-enact a shooting, but how about not telling students about it ahead of time and then seeing how they react?  Eh, maybe that’s why I should never become an administrator.

At lunch I had to stay at my building because I simply can’t afford to go out with other teachers to eat out at lunch time.  It was okay because it gave me a unique opportunity.  I watched “Reign of the Fallen”, the Star Wars Fan Film that will be previewed at the Syracuse Heroes Expo on October 22nd.  Not only will the movie be shown there but some of the cast and crew will be there.  So, that was really the most exciting part of my afternoon.   The rest of my afternoon was spent at what I consider to be the most radical lecture I’ve ever listened to.  We had a speaker come from Harvard to talk to our staff for our Superintendent Conference Day and the entire lecture was about how we don’t do enough as teachers to get to our racial minority groups.  I was almost offended not only as a teacher but as a person.  I was told that no one is doing enough and that every teacher sees their students in color and that we are doing a huge disservice to them because we all do it, then we all deny it.  Interestingly enough, the guy who lectured us has never stepped foot in a classroom and worse yet, he’s an economist!  What the heck would an economist know about education?  To make matters worse, his own information contradicted itself and then he made blanket racial comments with no data to back up what he was saying.  I was offended as a teacher, I was offended as a conservative, and I was offended as an American.  I know no one at my school will say anything about the lecture and no one will complain about what a waste of time it really was.  Why?  Because too many of our teachers live in fear of their jobs.  It’s a shame that we have to, but we do.

Alright, enough of this teacher talk, it’s time to talk about my favorite subject, Star Wars.  Okay, let’s talk about “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” – Chapter 8, Part 5, by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 8 (Part 5):  As Mazong and Luminara stood by the outdoor lights, Luminara offered to help them fix their glowrods as they were flickering.  Mazong laughed and said they were not broken but programmed to look like ancestral torch light as was tradition.  Luminara wondered if their overcla would be as reverent to tradition.  Luminara joined the other Jedi as they were seated acrossed from what looked like the entire Yiwa clan.  They were all presented with a lavish amount of food and drink.  Kyakhta and Bulgan could not believe their fortune coming from being outcasts to being treated as regal guests.  As they were seated, traditional Yiwa instruments played traditional Yiwa music which was pleasing and dis-pleasing to Jedi ears.  They all ate food to their fill and it wasn’t long after till the music stopped.  Mazong informed them that it was time to prove their souls to the Yiwa.  Kyakhta began to suggest something till he was cut-off by Mazong and told they would not be eaten, as they have dropped some of the old Alwari traditions…..




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