‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 8 (Part 3)

Tuesday.  Second day of the week and the one day of the week my wife goes to work until late in the morning.  I had plans to get caught up on my blogging, but as many of you have seen, it just seems to have not happened.  I was all set to get some serious grading done at school as I was a week behind on my work, but I also had to have a bloc meeting today eighth period which set me back in my plans.  The meeting was relevant but it just seems like I’m getting further and further behind in everything I do and I just can’t seem to ever get caught up, much less get ahead.

When I got home, Heather reminded me that I had a nomination committee meeting at the church tonight.  So, I had to wolf dinner down and get to the church with the kids.  There weren’t many people at the meeting (just two besides myself), but I felt like I caught up quickly and really understood the purpose of the meeting.  It kinda helps that this church is run the same way as my hometown church and I watched my parents serve on committees like this and understood what was going on.  I need to talk to two people about serving as Trustees again and I was going to rush off to church on this coming Sunday and talk to them, but I’ve decided I really need to pray about this and decide how I am going to approach this with those people.

I planned on working on my blog all night long, but the meeting kind of broke my night up, so I worked on grading papers all night long.  It seemed to never end and I thought I would never get it done.  Luckily, by the end of the night I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and things look better.  Too bad I really didn’t get caught up on my blogging today.

Let’s talk Star Wars folks!  It’s time to talk about Part 3 of Chapter 8 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 8 (Part 3):  Barriss says to Luminara that it doesn’t look good, but Luminara says that any good salesman knows that getting your foot in the door is half the problem.  As they entered the central square, children walked alongside them staring at Anakin and Barriss in envious fashion.  Anakin did all he could to not seem overbearing.  Luminara worried about their posessions being stolen as they dismounted but Kyakhta told her that thieves are permanently shunned from in Alwari culture.  They were led to the edge of the lake where the guests sat directly acrossed from Yiwa representatives on woven mats.  Luminara took a drink from one of their drinks and choked on the concoction which made Mazong giggle.  A female elder broke the silence by asking why they should reveal the whereabouts of the overclan and Obi-Wan took the opportunity to explain their reason for traveling to Ansion.  When they finnished, the elders talked in a group and when they got done, Mazong truned to Obi-Wan and said that what they ask would change relationships on Ansion…..




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