‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 8 (Part 2)

“Monday, Monday, La La, La La La La”, come on you know the song!  Anyway, today is the start of a “broken up” week.  Meaning we have a half day on Thursday for a superintendent’s conference day.  Normally I’m excited about those kind of days, but this year I’m not as excited.  We have a Harvard professor coming to our school to try and talk to us, but I somehow think it’s going to turn into a lecture about how we don’t supposedly do our jobs.  My students seemed to be more active today as far as Monday’s as opposed to previous years.  I had marching band practice tonight for the first time since some of the changes were implemented last week.  I was overwhelmed a little because I had to catch-up on the changes.  At the same time though, the changes that were made make absolute sense to me.  The sets look cool and I think the drum features we’ve put in have helped to solidify the show for everyone to understand and get it more.  I’m actually looking forward to this weekend because I’m curious as to how the judges will view the show.  I think they will really appreciate the changes we’ve made to really add a quality touch to our marching band show.

Not too much to talk about tonight except that Austin started his first Boy Scout meeting tonight and I’ve agreed to help out with Scouts when marching band ends.  So, let’s move on and talk about Part 2 of Chapter of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 8 (Part 2):  The Yiwas sent people out to greet them.  Kyakhta said they may have info on the Borokii if they are willing to part with it.  Luminara asked why they wouldn’t and Bulgan said they get offended easily.  Obi-Wan said they would be on their best behavior as everyone truned and stared at Anakin and he asked why they were staring at him.  The Yiwa welcoming party rode to them on sturdier looking steeds called Sadains.  The dozen members of the party were clad in tru Alwarai apparel, clothing that was odd but colorful.  Two had comlinks while other members flashed fairly modern weaponry.  Kyakhta moved forward and introduced himself and a Yiwa introduced himself as Mazong Yiwa and then asked why clanless people were riding suubatars.  Kyakhta explained of he and Bulgan’s trail of shame and the healing the Jedi did and their desire to meet with the Borokii clan  The Yiwa leader spit at them and asked why they should accept those that have walked the trail of shame.  Bulgan said if not for them, then for the offworlders who are actually Jedi Knights.  Mazong says they have heard of Jedi and understand them to be honorable.  He asks why they trouble the Yiwa if they seek the Borokii.  They pointed out that the Borokii would simply shoot down any machines tracking them, but if they could track them using traditional methods, they may find them; then they ask if they’ve seen the overclan.  Mazong invites them into camp and says they will eat and talk…..


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