‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 7 (Part 6)

We have power!  Yeah!  We got power around 10 a.m. this morning, ironic as it’s only an hour before they broke New York State’s law and I wonder if they almost didn’t do that on purpose since I raised such a stink about my power being turned off to begin with.  I took a shower in the dark this morning which was rather interesting.  It’s actually kind of fun because you don’t get to see what you look like naked ;)!  Well, it was Thursday at school and things are starting to get ready for the weekend.  I actually got a chance to get caught up on some paper work and was able to prep myself for things for next week.  I’m a little behind on my work because I haven’t downloaded the songs I need to check for the music video projects to make sure they’re acceptable.  I guess I’ll have to do that this weekend.  I’m also behind on recording for my TJCS show and for Sins of Salvation which I had planned on having done by now (I’m playing a part in Episode of SOS).  So, I played some catch-up work today and I know I will have to play catch-up this weekend.

My night wasn’t slow at all, however.  I had to go to Ruth’s school for parent/teacher night and get to know her school.  We became very concerned when we opened her folder of “first of the year” information and the first thing we saw was a test that Ruth got a 60% on.  I was shocked and so was Heather.  We’ve never seen Ruth get a grade that low and decided to talk to the teacher about it.  She said it wasn’t anything to worry about and that Ruth made some simple mistakes.  It still worried Heather and I the rest of the night as we walked around the school.  We got home and talked to Ruth about concentration and focus in school and about how her actions now can help or hinder her from getting to do  what she wants in the future.  I think we may have put too much pressure on her, but we want her to understand how serious school really is.  Once we got home, we watched a little TV and then it was time for bed.

Let’s talk Star Wars and let’s talk about “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” Chapter 7, Part 6 by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 7 (Part 6):  He came up with a giant gasp and Barriss, now free, swam to him and asked if he was okay.  He said he was just trying to rescue her to which she said she needed no rescuing.  She was simply trying to turn so she could strike the singular gairk attacking her.  The two of them raced to shore where the rest of their party was waiting.  Luminara asked what happened and Barriss said it was all her fault for trying to be too curious.  They asked Anakin why he rushed to her aide and he said he thought Barriss needed help.  It was only after he entered the water that he realized that she didn’t.  He apologized if this broke some form of the Jedi code.  Obi-Wan said it’s better to have a live friend berate you than to miss a dead one.  They said it was time to get out of their wet clothes so they don’t get sick.  Bulgan and Kyakhta talked amongst themselves about the humanoids as the padawans changed clothes.  They commented that with small teeth, short fingers, and too many toes, they were more like animals than sentient beings.  They both agree that the Borokii will look at them and either feel pity for them or will have them killed.  Bulgan worried about their life-debt while Kyakhta worried about getting paid if that were to happen.  Bulgan says that it doesn’t matter anyway as they travel with Jedi that are virtually invincible.  Kyakhta overtly agrees, but thinks back to how easy it was for Barriss to get thrown from her suubatar…..


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