‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 7 (Part 5)

NYSEG, NYSEG, NYSEG!!!  Need I say more?!!  For those of you who don’t know, NYSEG stands for New York State Electric and Gas.  I am beginning to hate this company with a HUGE passion.  Well, my day started off okay and ended in a really pissy way.  The day started normal.  I went to work and Heather stayed behind from work to take Austin to the doctor as he may get his cast off today.  When Heather got home, there was a disconnect notice on our door on a yellow post-it saying we owed them money from our last bill.  Now, to clarify things, back up a month.  Heather and I did not get a bill in August and people in the area noticed that NYSEG had screwed up on local bills and overcharged customers by amounts up to $200 on their electric bill.  So, we called NYSEG and asked why we hadn’t received our bill and how much we owe.  They claimed they had sent the bill, and gave us an amount we owed over the phone.  So, the day we went to the State Fair, we stopped by the NYSEG building and dropped off a check for the amount we owed (which cleared fine by the way).  Evidently, the amount we got quoted over the phone was actually $60 short.  That’s right, a mere $60 which is probably like a dime to this company.  Fast forward to today.  Heather headed over to the office to find out what happened and they explained, so she gave them a $100 check and asked when they could turn the power back on.  They said they have no way of knowing because they cannot contact their trucks, they can only send messages through to their computers which may or may not make it to the driver.  Worse yet, according to New York State they are not required to have the power back on unless it’s over 24 hours old or if there is a medical emergency.  The lady also told my wife that we knew about the shut-off because they sent a notice.  In the process, Heather had avoided me because she was afraid how I would react after the power got shut-off on me while I was in Montana and she was in New York and I had to live a week out there with no power and she had no way to pay the bill.  Anyway, she came to me at school to tell me what was going on and that we currently had no power, but that she could at least still make dinner because we still had gas.  So, I decided to call NYSEG because as you can tell, I was pretty pissed off by this point.  More importantly, I was pissed off at the company, not my wife!  I was mad on a couple of different levels.  First, it’s not my fault we didn’t receive a bill from their company, second, we tried to do the right thing and attempted to pay the bill and no one notified us of the short amount of money, third, we never received a disconnect notice from the company and when I asked about this, I was told they no longer make phone calls because it got to be too expensive (yeah right!), and finally, we got taken off of “Power Partners” without any notification from them or the Power Partners program (which is supposed to keep you from being disconnected).  I talked to a supervisor from NYSEG who was completely rude with me and told me, and I quote “I am sorry sir, I don’t have time for your problems because you didn’t pay a bill that we already sent you and that you shorted us on.  I need to be at a meeting and at this time your problem doesn’t matter to me.  We will get your power back on when WE have the time”  This really pissed me off, so I asked to speak to her boss and she said she didn’t have one and transferred me to the “Appeals” department.  Now, this department supposedly works independently from NYSEG like supposedly Power Partners does, but I found out they are all payed by NYSEG.  Hmmm, sounds like a serious monopoly to me!  I actually found someone at this department who cared and walked me through all the steps.  She says their computer system shows that they did all the things the previous manager says they did.  I explained that we did not receive the disconnect notice and that if NYSEG is not going to call, then they should send them certified mail, which she said they would look into.  I was still pissed at the whole situation and still haven’t received any answers from anyone.  I think I’m going to have to continue to kick butt after the power’s on and I have some time to make calls and rip people’s heads off. 

Heather went home and I continued with the last period of the day and came home.  We had no power, so we made the kids do their homework right away since we have no lights and we’re not sure if we will have them later for them to work on homework.  I had curriculum night at school tonight, so all of this kind of distracted me from that part of my job, but it’s my fifth year and I improvised and did okay.  I didn’t have that many parents show up anyway.  I decided to take a tape to school and tape “Criminal Minds” on my school TV as a surprise for Heather as she was bummed that she would miss the season permiere if we didnt’ have power.  I drove home praying we had power when I showed up, but when I drove down the street, I saw candles in the window and knew it was not going to be.  Heather and I stayed up a little while longer and talked while we listened to a battery powered radio.  We talked about what and how we can talk to NYSEG to make sure this NEVER happens again.  I told her from now on, when we don’t receive a bill, we go to their office and refuse to leave until we have one in our hand and have proof they have received payment.  I also said that we need to get in contact with the New York State Better Buisness Beaureu and find out what else we can do.  It’s bad enough that we had this happen to us, but as I said before, NYSEG has been in the local news for screwing up all over the place!  It needs to stop and this ultimate control over people’s lives needs to stop.  They must be answerable to someone!

Okay, mind over matter, time to take my mind off of my personal problems and talk Star Wars.  Let’s discuss Part 5 of Chapter 7 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 7 (Part 5):  As soon as Anakin saw Barriss dragged into the water, he dove in after her.  Once Anakin swam to Barriss’ side he aske her if she was okay and she said she was simply wet.  He asked if she could swim to shore and she said she can’t because the situation literally sucks.  Anakin dove under the water to see what was going on.  The gairk had it’s mouth wide open and water was streaming into it’s mouth and out it’s gills.  He came back up and told Barriss to hold on.  As he swam past Barriss’ legs and toward teh single gairk, he realized it did not try to dodge him.  Halway to the creature his progress stopped and he realized that three of them had interlocked their jaws behind him and begam to suck him in.  He realized that the reason they did not have teeth, as Luminara had also noted, was because they ate their prey whole.  Anakin needed air, so he turned and swam at the interlocked gairks which now numbered four.  His vision started to blur because of lack of oxygen, but he managed to get close enough to strike the gairks with his lightsaber.  They seperated and with his last breath of oxygen left, Anakin kicked to the surface…..


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