‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 7 (Part 4)

The Monday of the second full week of school.  I still have optimism about my classes but am still frustrated that things in my life seem to just continue to spin out of control.  There are so many things that need to get done and just don’t ever seem to have the time to accomplish them.  My allergies have kicked in big time.  I seem to be closing up more and more everyday.  Once of these days I will actually visit a doctor in the fall and find out what drug could help keep that from happening.  School was okay and the kids were still really tired and you could tell that they were only going into their second full week of school.  I got home and was so exhausted, I needed a quick nap before I could even eat and get to Marching Band.  Practice went well and the students seem to be doing well in cleaning the show.  I was able to find out about the changes that they plan on executing on Wednesday night, which I realized today that I couldn’t be at because I have curriculum night that night.  It just seems that our schedules continue to spiral out of control.  Like Heather said the other day, when will we have time for ourselves?  I’ve just given up on that idea and come to the conclusion that I won’t get my life back.  Ever.  Why?  Because I own a home now and that’s what I get when I own a home!

Time to talk about the great flanneled one’s universe, “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” Chapter 7, Part 4 by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 7 (Part 4):  Luminara looked at Kyakhta as his mount ate the grass and random creatures on the ground.  Kyakhta announced they were at the Torosogt River and that they’ve made good time.  Once they cross the river, they will be in Alwari territory.  Luminara wanted to know how long it would be before they met with the Borokii and Kyakhta said it’s hard to say since they are a nomadic tribe.  Anakin said they should use a seeker droid but Kyakhta was quick to point out that although the Alwari use limited technology, they do use modern weapons and would shoot it down.  He also points out the problems the Unity faces with trying to find a nomadic people.  He points out that this is why the Unity is thinking of seceding because they can then deal with the Alwari as they see fit.  Luminara points out the Alwari may think they are all siding with them.  As they get closer to the river, Bulgan says he’s found a sandbar for the suubatar’s to walk most of the way acrossed the river and then they would have to swim and Luminara said they were all about due for a bath.  Kyakhta corrected her and said they would not be swimming, but the suubatars would be swimming with them on their backs…..


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