‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 6 (Part 5)

Things are really beginning to pick up in school.  Students are getting into routines and I captured my first “note in class” today.  Found out one of my students was into something that I wish I just hadn’t known about.  Had to deal with that situation and it just made what was a good day go horrible.  It really concerned me what was written in the note and it concerned me even more as to which student it came from and which student it implicated.  It’s pretty hard for any teacher to deal with tough subjects like these because we would like to think our students are innocent, but reality is that they are not!  I came home and started to plan things for the weekend because I know it’s just around the corner.  Lots to do and little time to get it done in.  I’m hoping to get close to being done with my wookie bowcaster by the end of the weekend so that by next weekend my bowcaster is finnished.  One less thing I have to try and do while marching band season is in full swing.  We’ll have to see if that happens.  I feel bad for the orchestra teacher at our school.  Because of the situation with the auditorium, she has to have practice in the library every orchestra day.  The problem is that she has to bring equipment into the library, which takes an entire period to do, and then remove her equipment, which takes up another period.  When is this poor woman supposed to teach lessons?  This is why I feel bad for her.  Things went better tonight.  Heather and I simply stayed home and vegged which we haven’t done since school began.  The good news is that cheerleading practice got cancelled because it was too wet outside which is okay, it gave us some time to be a family.  We both went to bed early tonight, simply because we were exhausted.  Haven’t gone to bed at 10 p.m. in some time.  Guess I needed it.

Chapter 6, Part 5.  Let’s talk about it from “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 6 (Part 5):  Ogomoor stood on the walls by the gate of Cuipernam and watched as the Jedi moved away quickly in a cloud of dust.  He told the Varvan next to him to gather his people because they were going after them.  The Varvan said there was no way they were going to catch-up with pure-bred suubatars , they’re too quick.  Ogomoor asked what they would need ot catch the Jedi and the Varvan said heavy weapons.  Ogomoor exclaimed, don’t be stupid, to which the Varvan grabbed him by the throat and threatened him.  Ogomoor waid he meant no offense and was released.  Ogomoor commented that it was just some Jedi and a bunch of clanless fuffoons.  The Varvan said he’s concerned because they all ride like seasoned Alwari.  Ogomoor reported to Soergg that they were too late, yet again.  Soergg did not get upset but flet their timing seems to be off.  Ogomoor points out that no one in that party can be taken by surprise now.  Soregg replied saying not by us.


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