‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 6 (Part 4)

Hey, it’s Wednesday, or hump day as many people like to call it.  I had quite a hump to get over today.  It’s definetly starting to get to be like school more often everyday.  I threw my first student out of class today and I would like to say that’s the end, but I know it’s only just the beginning of my fun year this year.  I came home to another mess in my house, my wife has decided to start her next project the hallway closet.  This led to a small fight between the two of us.  I’m arguing with her because we have yet to finish a project that she has started in this house yet.  She started Ruth’s room and it is generally done, but the vents aren’t painted yet.  She started the hallway but the ceiling and trim isn’t painted yet.  Now she ripped up the hallway carpet and ripped out the shelves in the hallway closet.  Now, it would be nice if the hallway looked alright with the hardwood floors, but it doesn’t right now.  It looks horrible and the grooves from the glue on the carpet are still on the flooring.  To make matters worse, the carpet in our bedroom is about two feet short of the doorway and the linoleum in the bathroom comes a few inches short as well.  Before, these were covered up with metal plates, but she had to rip up the plates in order to rip up the carpet.  So, yet again, a part of my house looks like crap and it will probably take us weeks or even months to get it back into order.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I wish we would end one before we begin the next.  So, now I have three projects going, none of which I can afford:  repainting the master-bedroom, getting more insulation in the attic, and now the hallway and hallway closet getting repainted and refinished.  I know I should calm down about this stuff, but I have a hard time with this.  Anyway, luckily I had marching band tonight, so Heather and I went to Wendy’s as they were having a fundraiser for our kids’ sports teams and ate dinner there (proceeds went to the sports department) and I left to go to Vestal.  Practice went fine and we avoided the rain.  We had to wait for a field hockey game to end before we could use the field and things seemed to go okay.  We cleaned some more and everytime we work on the show it looks and sounds better.

Time to talk about Part 4 of Chapter 6 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 6 (Part 4):  An Ansionian insists the price he’s offering for the six, fine young animals is fair.  Kyakhta tells Luminara that he agrees.  Luminara asked Obi-Wan what he thought and he said that they should trust the Alwari guides.  Luminara notes the tension between Anakin and Barriss but Obi-Wan says that it seems to be getting better.  He compliments Luminara on her padawan.  Luminara notes that Anakin is strong but also wild.  Obi-Wan gave a brief desription of Anakin’s upbringing and Luminara was concerned that he actually knew his mother, which can create confusion for a Jedi.  She asks Obi-Wan how training is going.  He notes that Anakin is impatient.  But, he is very stron in certain areas like combat and piloting.  He hates polotics, but pushes through using a will his mother had.  Luminara says that if anyone can raise such a knight, it would be Obi-Wan.  They then finnished negotiating for the six suubatars.  The suubatars were three times as tall as a human, had six legs, and long toes.  Anakin didn’t think they’d do too well on grassland but Kyakhta laughed and said they’ll find out.  Each suubatar had a saddle between the front two shoulders and a pack-holder between the back two.  Bulgan let Barriss know they had all the supplies they would need.  Each creature got up slowly as they noted the coloring on the animal that would give them prairie comoflauge.  These animals were omnivores, able to survive on meats and veggies.  Bulgan tells them that these are domesticated suubatars and that wild ones can wipe-out whole caravans.  Anakin was struggling with his saddle till Kyakhta told him to lean back, then Anakin complained that he couldn’t see as well.  As they left the city, Luminara was amazed at how smooth a ride they made and how fast they were on their feet.  Luminara said to Kyakhta that she was afraid if they kept up this pace the suubatars would tire quickly.  Kyakhta laughted, got out of his saddle as they left the city, noted that no onw was following them.  He got back into his saddle, gave a verbal signal and the suubatars took off as fast as lightning!  They were going at a MUCH faster pace now!


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