‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 5 (Part 4)

Today was extremely busy.  I found out today that the custodians in my school have a key to a portion of the auditorium and it’s the portion that is not sealed off.  Guess what’s in that section!!  That’s right!  My equipment has been available the first day of school!  What a shot in the arm.  I could’ve had all my equipment and have been focusing on getting lesson plans together.  Guess you can never really win when it comes to organizing your classroom.  Eh.


So, I used my students to get all of the equipment into my room and then spent my entire afternoon that I don’t have students to get my room organized.  In amongst all of this, both of our cars were in the shop today.  My car was in because it had a leak in the gas line and Heather’s car’s heat gage is reading extremely high, even though the engine seems to be running fine.  I tried some ideas my dad had last night (fuses, bus sensors, etc.) but none of them worked.  Okay, so the good news is that my car got fixed and a new gas line was run.  The bad news is that it doesn’t run any better and the gas line that go run was run next to the old one because they were worried about affecting the break lines and other ones next to it.  Heather’s car is not fixed, but is fine.  Kost told us that it is a map sensor of some sort, but the engine is not running hot.  So, they told us to bring it back on Monday.  So, we made the executive decision that Heather and the kids would not join me at the competition at Central Square tomorrow because we don’t have a reliable car to get them there.


I had marching band rehearsal tonight until nine o’clock and the students did really well.  I’m nervous about tomorrow not because of the kids but because of the judges.  The kids are predictable and I know they will do great.  The judges are very unpredictable and I don’t know what they’re going to say and I worry they will be too hard on week one.  We’ll have to see what happens.

 I’m exhausted tonight, so it’s time to talk about Star Wars.  Let’s discuss Part 4 of Chapter 5 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 5 (Part 4):  They knock out the fat Dorun guarding the door of the equipment room.  Kyakhta unlocked the door and handed Barriss her lightsaber and belt.  After doing so, Kyakhta radioed in his position again, using his wrist device.  He explained to Barriss that if he doesn’t, they will both die.  Barriss pulled out a small scanner from her belt and passed it over both Bulgan’s and Kyakhta’s necks twice.  She went to look out the door, and onto the street when Kyakhta commented that the explosives were still in their necks.  Barriss says she does not have the equipment here to remove it properly, so she deactivated them.  She warns they must move quickly, as deactivating them may have alerted Soergg about their change in plans.  Barriss suggests they head for the shop where she was abducted as the Jedi may already be there.  When they’re far enough away, she’ll radio the Jedi as to where she is and that there will be two others joining them….






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