‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 8 (Part 1)

Heather and I had to not go to church this morning because our kids’ football game was at 11 a.m. and we didn’t want to interupt the entire church service to leave to go to a football game, so we simply went straight to the game.  Heather decided to go grocery shopping because she got behind on getting stuff done around the house and left me at the game with the kids.  Normally, not a big deal, but not today.  Instead, it decided to pour on the game and just get everyone downright wet.  It got so windy, the wind picked up the umbrella I was holding and bent it in half.  Well, so much for that umbrella.  We left the game right after it was over, and we left it wet.  We went to Wegmans afterwards to get a new umbrella and to get dogfood for Clifford.  We came home and I watched some of the football games on T.V.  Tonight, Heather and I got together around seven tonight and watched out usual shows.  We even watched “War At Home” where they talked about going to a comic book convention which has made me really excited about the idea of going to Syracuse Heroes Expo in about a month.  I’m really looking forward to getting a signed Ray Park picture and to interview him and the cast of “Reign of Fire” a Star Wars fan production that I’m hoping to get ahold of to interview for TJCS that will also be at the convention.

I really owe all of my fans a deep apology.  As all of you can tell, I have not been keeping up on my blogging every day and have been having a hard time trying to get it done everyday.  It’s because of Marching Band season which has engulfed my life again.  It’s a good thing, but time consuming as well and that’s okay, but it takes my time away from TJCS and my blog.  I promise after the end of October I will get back on track and will be blogging everyday.

Okay, with that apology aside, time to talk about “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm”, Chapter 8 (Part 1) by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 8 (Part 1):  Luminara felt that the attack by the gairks may have done the group of Jedi some good as it made them aware of the dangers in Ansion.  The Masters looked relaxed while the padawans were jolted by the attack as they moved acrossed the plains on their suubatars.  Luminara thought to herself that Anakin seemed to be too quick to draw his lightsaber as apposed to assessing the situation.  As they moved forward they noticed a flock of flying creatures moving quickly upon thier position.  Barriss asked if they were going to do anything which Luminara said she was taking her cues from their guides and they were calm.  She pointed out that the ongun-mur move by using wind patterns.  As they got closer to the party, Bulgan and Kyakhta slowed the pace of their suubatar’s.  As they reached the top of a rise, they spotted an encampment at the edge of the lake in the next valley.  Obi-Wan and Luminara rode forward and asked if the camp was Borokii but the guides say it looks like it’s Yiwa by set-up.  Obi-Wan noted they had campfires but also had poer in their camp and he asked Kyakhta why, and Kyakhta said tradition.  He said tradition is most important to their immediate mission…..




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