‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 4 (Part 3)

I spent the entire day today editing and working on “Jedi Babies” and for whatever reason, I just don’t have enough time.  I don’t think I’ll get it out tonight and I think I may be lucky if I even manage to get it out before the end of the weekend.  It just seems so domineering to get stuff out on time, but I’ve told myself that I’m not the only person that’s had a project not get out on time.

I also spent most of the time chilling today.  I thought I would stay up tonight and into tommorrow morning to just spend some time with Heather.  We just haven’t spent a lot of time together this summer with her working all the late night shifts.  I played with the kids for a while tonight and we watched a movie together and just enjoyed one last day of freedom before school starts next week.  I can’t believe that school starts next week already.  But, all good things must come to an end and I think my vacation is about to come to an end.  All well.

Okay, time to talk about “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” – Chapter 4 (Part 3) by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 4 (Part 3):  Kyakhata and Bulgan were not in clan gear but happy to be in Alwari clothing just the same .  They noted their conversation about the devices in their necks as they entered the marketplace of Cuipernam.  Many people on Ansion perferred bartering to actual cash transfers in their actual marketplace.  As they walked through the streets, Kyakhta had to keep as close an eye on Bulgan a she often forgot to pay for items he saw and simply take them.  Kyakhta spotted the Jedi and Bulgan said they have no guards to which Kyakhta pointed out that Jedi didn’t need guards.  As they walked they tried to decide which one to take noting that the padawans were always younger than their masters.  As they followed, the Jedi looked like tourists admiring, stopping, sampling, but not really buying anything.  Barriss stopped outside as Niruu Alwari sanwiwood sculpture store.  Kyakhta was hoping whe would go in and she did.  The other three Jedi had walked away and didn’t notice that Barriss had diverted fromt he group.  Kyakhta and Bulgan quickly stepped inside the door of the shop and tried to act casual like customers.  It wasn’t long till Bulgan had unfolded a plous net.  The owner noted the two in the shop and began talking with Kyakhta.  She was hesitant because he was wearing the robes of an Alwari clan, but did not have their tatoo.  That’s when Kyakhta pulled out a spray bottle, sprayed her in the face, and the owner collapsed to the floor.  Barriss rushed tot he owner’s side to aide her.  Barriss performed some basic medical procedures and said all the owner needed was water.  Kyakhta managed to spray Barriss with the spray now.  They stuffed Barriss into the unbreakable bag they had brought with them and headed for the rear exit.  No one asked the two Alwari what was in the bag as they walked down the street.


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