‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 4 (Part 2)

Today was an overly busy day.  I got up fairly early as I needed to be at my school by 10 a.m. to meet with the company rep.  Found out they won’t be able to get into the auditorium until next week Tuesday and they will need to take the equipment out and have it all profesionally cleaned.  I give my district credit for having it cleaned but worry about the timeline of getting all my stuff back for school.  I may just have to shift my lesson plans around for a week.  The company rep. said he didn’t see why he couldn’t get the equipment back by next week Friday.  That would be “do-able” as the first day will be a day of introductions and the second day I find a modern topic to debate, so that covers Wednesday and Thursday and Friday I decided we’re going to cover their projects for the semester.  It will all work out if that’s the way it happen.

My parents showed up almost as soon as I came home today and we helped my parents unload all of my old stuff from their van.  Wow, there was more than I thought there would be.  They were also pretty awesome, they brought shoes and some new lunchboxes for the kids for school this year.  I got some more of my Star Wars toys, my comic books, and lots and lots of old memories from growing up.  Including a whole bunch of Marching Band and Show Choir pictures.  Ah, what memories!  Well, my parents met with us for a while and then had to get going home because they had to rent a van to get things here.  Well, I spent the whole rest of the evening organizing from their dropoff and I’m still not done!!

Heather called me after she got to work and reminded me that the girls had another cheerleading practice that I almost forgot about.  She told me that if I wanted to get dinner (as I hadn’t even thought about it) then I should just come to Wendy’s.  So, we scrambled to get everyone to the car and get to Wendy’s for dinner.  And then I saw the chaos that had become Wendy’s.  The line for dinner rush was already out the door and it was only five o’clock.  I got to the front of the line and asked Heather what was going on and she told me she had two workers call in sick and one quit before he even showed up.  She was three people down in her shift and things were only going to get worse.  The kids and I ate dinner and I said to her, that if they were still realing after I got done with cheerleading, then I would come back and help her by working the grill and we would figure something out with the kids.  I went to cheerleading with the girls and called Heather from the cell on the way to the house in case I needed to change my clothes.  She begged me to come in and help, so I prepped the kids, told them to get one toy and some crayons and coloring books and explained to them that they would have to hang out in the dining room while Daddy helped Mommy at work.  Well, my children were saints.  I came in and worked for Heather for an hour to an hour and a half and really helped her get caught up with everything they needed to do.  I felt so bad for her because it had looked like world war three had happened in the back room and the employees that did show up to work were exhausted.  So, I really helped them out.  My kids got a free frosty and so did I.  We got home just in time for me to watch the eviction for “Big Brother All Stars”.  The kids got in jamas and went to bed and I didn’t stay up too much longer.

Alright, time to talk about Chapter 4 (Part 2) of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 4 (Part 2):  Soergg was convinced his plan was foolproof as he explained it to Ogomoor.   Ogomoor said that is sounds good but the Jedi’s abilities to sense danger would jeopardize the idea.  That’s when Soergg reveals that he has found two Ansionians immune to The Force.  At that point Soergg called for Bulgan and Kyakhta.  They were both rather scragly-looking Ansionians at best.  Ogomoor doubts they can beat the Jedi with them.  Soergg syas he intends to capture a Jedi padawan and negotiate their life for the Jedi presence on the planet.  Ogomoor still can’t believe this is the plan.  Soergg urges him to look at the two Ansionians and asks him what he sees.  Ogomoor says they look crazy and Soergg says exactly.  Then he explains that his research has revealed that mental instability acts as a shield against The Force.  Ogomoor says he recognized them as Alwari but wants to know what clan they’re from.  Soergg says they’re not from one because they’ve been cast-out because of their mental state.  Soergg says they’ll do what he says because he’ll pay them a lot.  He said they will wait till the Jedi males seperate from the females and capture the female padawan as she won’t sense their presence.  Soergg ordered them to leave and Kyakhta and Bulgan lowered and left the room.  Ogomoor says it’s a risk and worries if the two get captured what information the Jedi may obtain from them.  Soergg says they’re required to report at intervals, then reveals they each have a remote explosive in their neck that he will explode should they fail to report.  He tells Ogomoor that if they fail with these two, they’ll just try again….

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