‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 3 (Part 6)

Today was very busy and I didn’t intend for it to be.  I expected to simply do some last bit of recording for our “Jedi Babies” project and get it done.  But, it didn’t quite go down that way.  Heather decided today that she wanted to rearrange the house for the things my parents are bringing on Thursday.  First we had to organize her sewing/scrapbooking room so we could get one of the two tables out of the game room because my father is bringing down the train table for our house that I’m going to use for gaming on.  My parents are also going to bring down my mother’s sewing cabinet for Heather to put her sewing machine on and her sewing materials in.  It will be good just in time for the fall season when Heather is sewing for the dancing company she works for.  We then went into my shop and organized that as we moved in the other table into the shop and took down my old shop table which was a really poorly put together old closet door that the previous owners used as a table-top.  It was pretty sad, but now it’s nice to have a shop area and now I got a chair for my shop.  Pretty awesome if you ask me!!  My shop is organized and looks pretty nice as well.  Heather even helped me throw out some things we were afraid to throw out before.  It looks very nice in the basement now.  Tommorrow I plan on going in to school to do some work and see what I can find out about our condemned stage and how I’m going to get the equipment out of there.

Time to talk about Chapter 3 (Part 6) of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 3 (Part 6):  Soergg and Ogomoor discuss the plan together that the jedi have put into motion.  Ogomoor suggested bribing them to which Soergg said that Jedi can’t be bribed, connived, broken, or even swayed.  Soergg told Ogomoor to come closer to learn how to deal with Jedi.  As Ogomoor did, he began to think he was not being paid enough to put up with this.


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