Vacation – Day 3

Well, we woke up to a soaked campsite this morning.  We decided not to waste too much time.  We took the kids to some fun things like saying the pledge with Yogi Bear and an autograph session with Cindy Bear.  But we didn’t waste much time striking camp because we felt as if our time was ticking down before it started to rain again.  The clouds/sky didn’t look promising.  We didn’t get on the road for more than an hour till we hit rain that was just coming down in sheets.  We took our time coming through Pennsylvannia which annoyed the heck out of Heather as she already hates driving through that state as it is.  It took both of us watching the road to make it through the situation.  We got back to Great Bend around five p.m. and my in-laws bought us dinner at the McDonald’s there.  We got to our house and dropped off equipment.  We immediately started to unload our muddy and soaked equipment.  We spent most of the rest of the night cleaning and drying camping equipment.  We went to bed early because of how tired we were from last night and not sleeping too well.


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