Vacation – Day 2

I woke up pretty early this morning to my father-in-law making a breakfast of pancakes for everyone today.  It was a great way to start what was sure to be a very busy day in Maryland.  Heather made a slight error last night when she took her shower.  She managed to loose our shampoo and soap on us by leaving it in the shower.  Drew let me borrow his for this morning.  We got everything done and packed up and then headed over to the Antietam National Battlefield Park.  Man, has that place changed since the last time I’ve been there!  There’s a nice visitors center and everything there and it’s all been updated with an addition of a tower to overlook the Sunken Road (better known as Bloody Lane).  I took my in-laws on a self-guided tour of the battlefield and I think they learned more and had more fun than if one of those park-ranger clowns had led us around with their tour.  We got to Burnside’s Bridge and I quoted some numbers (approximately 2500 men lost their lives trying to take the bridge) when Drew said that that many guys have died in the entire Iraqi war when in three hours, that many guys died trying to take one bridge.  It’s kinda ironic, ain’t it?  Anyway, we headed back to camp and ate lunch.  We got done eating lunch and all the kids wanted to go on the waterslides and the pool, so we all headed over and did that.  We were there for a good two hours and Heather and I came back to camp with Austin.  I felt bad as he couldn’t swim out with everyone else because of his cast on his arm.  I opened up some plastic military guys we bought at the park and told him he could play with them in the tent.  Heather and I took a nap in ours.

We got up about a half hour later and started to get dinner ready.  Drew came up with a friend from the military base and his friends’ parents came to visit us.  We had some great conversation and had a good time.  It was a cloudy afternoon all afternoon long and all night long we could see lightning but not hear thunder or have any rain.  Well, after dinner, the friends’ parents decided to leave as we had no protection from the rain other than tents.  We stayed up late talking again and then it started to rain around 10 p.m.  We all headed for the tents and it rained and rained and rained.  It rained so hard that Drew moved from the tent to the car and Heather and I got soaked in the tent.  Needless to say, it’s not exactly how we wanted to end our camping experience.


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