Vacation – Day 1

Okay, I know this will come as a shock to many of you, but over the next three days, I’m officially taking a vacation.  This means I will write about what happened to us in our personal lives, but no Star Wars book review.  At least for three days.  So, I apologize for not giving you advanced notice, but that’s just the way it is for the next few days.  Sorry…..

Well, one word can describe today – driving!!  I felt as though we were driving forever today.  Today started off pretty rough but ended off pretty nice.  We got up fairly early and headed over to Enterprise rent-a-car.  We proceeded to go through the process of picking up the car when they asked for a credit card, a heating bill, and all of our personal information.  Heck, at the rate they were going, I’m amazed they didn’t ask for our dental records!!  Heather said that their website and when we called, they mentioned none of this!!  So the guy said, “sorry, we can’t rent you a car”.  Well, that’s when Heather and I went into action.  We put on an act like you wouldn’t believe and we played this twenty year old salesman like a fiddle.  I got all ticked off, yelling at the salesman and stormed out of the store.  I knew Heather would play me as the bad man and would explain to the guy that we wanted to leave for vacation today, which she did.  I walked back into the store and demanded to see the manager in the office right now.  I started yelling at the guy about lying to the public and having a dishonest company and that I was going to be all over them for not letting people know this.  The manager came wipping out of his office and asked what was wrong.  I told him that Enterprise was going to ruin our vacation and that my poor kids were going to be wrecked over this.  At this point, almost on que, my kids started to cry.  The manager quickly started asking questions and assured us that we would have a car.  They accepted my parents’ credit card to secure the card and dismissed the other forms of I.D. and took copies of our liscences and social security cards.  We were on the road finally and went to Aldi’s quick before we went home.

When we got home, we unloaded the groceries into boxes and then started loading the cars with the camping equipment.  I was a little nervous that we hadn’t set the one tent up before we left, but figured it was okay as we would have other tents with us.  As we began loading, Heather’s parents showed up and helped and we loaded some equipment into their truck and car as well.  By 10 a.m. we were on the road and going to Maryland.  Austin was in our car and Ruth and Tara were in the car with Aunt Tara Lynn.  We got to the camp site around three or four o’clock and set up camp.  It worked out perfect and then Heather and the kids took off to do some things with Yogi Bear.  We stayed up late tonight to wait for Uncle Drew to join us from base and we went to bed pretty late.  Tommorrow we are supposed to go to the Antietam battlefield.


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