‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 3 (Part 4)

Today at band camp was MUCH better!  So much better that we actually finished the show!  That’s right, the staff and students taught/learned a marching band show in approximately four and a half days.  That’s pretty gosh darn good if you ask me!  It just felt good to leave that morning knowing that we got through the last set and that all we have to do is go back tonight and to start putting things together and cleaning the show up.  I came home this afternoon and the kids and I put the tents together for our trip this weekend.  I wanted to make sure I know how to put them together and I realized that we may not have enough “tent” for our family and my in-laws’ family.  Luckily, they have an extra tent, so we should be stuck too much.  I also worked all day on getting things together for the trip.  Including beefing up on my reading.  See, we’re heading to Maryland this weekend to camp at a Jellystone park.  Then we’re going to visit the Antietam Battlefield park where I will lead the family on a self-guided tour of the park (no problem as i am a Civil War Reenactor!) and then just enjoy some time together.  I’m really excited about the trip and can’t wait to get going tommorrow morning.  I was a little dissapointed in Heather as she didn’t plan ahead very well and we don’t have money to go food shopping with until tommorrow morning, which is going to make the morning very tight.  That means we have to get the rental car, go to the grocery store, and then load the car.  Lot’s to do in a short amount of time.  I went back to practice tonight and things went very well.  Great as a matter of fact!  I left early, picked up the girls, came home and did some last minute downloading for the car ride for the trip.  It should be loads of fun!!

Okay, time to talk about Part 4 of Chapter 3 of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 3 (Part 4):  That’s when the delegate, Kandah by name, says they are trying to manipulate their words against them.  Then Ranjiyn says they should respect The Force when another delegate, Tolut, says he’s not intimidated by The Force and thinks the Senate is old and should just die.  he then takes data disks and throws them against the wall and shouts, “free Ansion” and demands they all join him, including the Alwari.  Anakin became anxious at that moment and started to reach for his lightsaber, but a smile from Obi-Wan stayed his hand.  Luminara warned that The Force should not be taken lightly.  That’s when Tolut said that anyone can muster The Force and used his wond powers to lift a glass at the center of the table without touching it.  Then Luminara took over his grip on the glass of water, lifted it higher, moved it over Tolut’s head and then dumped it on his head.  He lunged at Luminara and Barriss grabbed her lightsaber, but Luminara held her hand.  Then the other glasses of water flew off the table and onto Tolut’s face as Luminara remarked about the hope that no one was thirsty.  Tolut got angry and then admitted he did not know everything about The Force to which Luminara happily conceded.  Then Tolut said that no tricks will convince the Alwari as Obi-Wan pointed out to Anakin that this was Luminara’s version of dynamic diplomacy as Barriss held back a smerk.  Ranjiyn noted that the Alwari own most of the land on the planet and the Unity would rather not have to plead to the Senate everytime they want to expand a city’s territory.  Anakin points out that without a Senate they may face an unending local war and Barriss pointed out it hurts both sides.  They were told by “friends”, that they refused to disclose, that if they left the Republic they would receive aide.  Luminara proposed a compromise whereby the Alwari agree to share dominion over half the lands, let the Unity develop resources on that land in exchange for staying in the Republic.  As the Ansionions discussed the proposal, Obi-Wan voiced his concern abotu proposing something the may not be able to garauntee.  Luminara said she was simply trying to shake things up and get them to stop talking about secession.  This time they were addressed by the Ansionian named Induran.  Induran says the agreement would sway many in the room, but doubt the Alwari would ever agree to such terms.  Anakin asked how they could find the Alwari.  Ranjiyn said to go away from civilization to find them or let them find you.  they scoffed at the idea of convincing the Alwari, to which Obi-Wan said it can’t be any harder than negotiating traffic patterns on Coruscant….


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