‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 2 (Part 3)

We decided that today would be “family day”.  We stayed at the house and all woke up around ten a.m.  For the first time in a long time, we all ate breakfast together.  We had some fun playing outside together and just spending time together.  Austin and I went downstairs around two o’clock or so and watched the race in Michigan on HDTV, which is so awesome to watch a race in HD!  It’s like no other way to watch T.V. and I would really encourage any of you that don’t have an H.D. set to go out and get one.  Anyway, I continued to work on the wookie bowcaster and got many parts of it put together during the race.  I worked on the stalk by staining it with dark walnut stain and then got the front of the bowcaster and the hardware that was going to hold the site in place glued together.  It’s looking more and more the way I want it to look.  I’m hoping to start polyurethaning the thing tonight and putting on a couple layers tommorrow.  I also have the front section put together with the metal and the wood balls on the ends.  I can’t wait for it to be done so I can take some pics of it.  I think it will look sweet!  While we watched the race, Heather watched Evita upstairs.  We ate dinner together and I started working on some more editing for “Jedi Babies” before we watched our usual nightly shows including “Big Brother”, “Deadwood”, and “Lucky Louie”.  We went to bed right away because I had to get up early for Vestal marching band camp tommorrow.

Chapter 2 (Part 3):  Two men jumped down to Luminara’s level with lightsabers blazing.  It took merely seconds to clear the square in which they were standing.  Barriss made a controlled drop to the ground and met Anakin Skywalker whom she remembered from training.  As Obi-Wan tended to Luminara’s wound, she scolded him for being early and said the wound was minor at best.  Obi-Wan said their ship was a day early and since the females were not in their reported quarters, he and his padawan had decided to take a walk until they both sensed danger.  Barriss now questions why they need four Jedi to deal wiith such an unimportant political issue.  Luminara points out that it’s not Ansion the Republic is worried about, but the precedent Ansion would set should they decide to leave the Republic.  Obi-Wan points out that there are others that don’t want these negotiations to succeed.  He said they should have detained one of the attackers to find out who sent them.  Luminara points out that even if they captured one, they may not have gotten any information anyway.  Anakin and Barriss quiped back and forth and she was hightly annoyed with how egocentric Anakin had become.  Anakin apologizes and says the mission is not very exciting, but Barriss disagrees citing the bodies now lining the streets thanks to them.  As they walked back, Anakin noticed a boy yelling at his mother and stopped to to to him and told the boy he’ll regret acting like that someday.  A storm approached overhead as Barriss thought it represented more than just nature.


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