‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 2 (Part 2)

We started off the day sleeping in because of our late night argument last night.  We got up around eleven a.m. and the kids were actually organizing their rooms and had eaten breakfast already.  I love my kids!  They are almost entirely self-sufficient at times.  We talked for a while and I played with the kids for a little bit and then we all ate lunch together around one o’clock.  I went downstairs afterward and began to continue work on my wookie bowcaster.  We had plans on putting the tents up today to make sure that I can before we go camping in Maryland next weekend.  That wasn’t going to work as the forecast called for rain all day long.  It even bummed the kids out as they couldn’t go outside and play.  I figured I would make it up to them by watching a movie with them tonight which may distract them from the absence of their playing outside.  We encouraged them to read a little as well.  My son doesn’t particularly like this idea, but he needs to learn to read more often anyway.  I got through some of the work and realized I needed tin snips.  So, we went to Lowes and got some tin snips.  While we were there, we got some dry-wall screws and donated them to the Conklin Presbyterian church to help with flood relief efforts.  We came home and Austin and I went downstairs and recorded his lines for “Jedi Babies”.  I did some editing and then kept working on my bowcaster.  We went upstairs and ate dinner together and Heather went to work so the kids cleaned up after dinner.  After they were done, we went downstairs and watched “Zathura” together.  We decided that we weren’t going to church tommorrow because it’s too hard on Heather to go to church after having worked till two in the morning all week long.

Time to talk about Chapter 2 (Part 2) of “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 2 (Part 2):  Luminara sensed danger and as she pulled out and lighted her lightsaber, so did her padawan.  Out of nowhere a Hoguss with an axe jumped toward Luminara and landed right on her lightsaber.  Attackers jumped out from everywhere and Luminara knew their assailant went to great efforts and money to hire thugs to attack them.  She also realized they were from the crowd of the street and that is why she did not detect them before this point.  She also began to realize that their numbers were a blessing and a curse.  A curse as two Jedi may be overwhelmed, a blessing because of the number, those with blades were in the line of sight of those with blasters.  They used their lightsabers to deflect and defend and the bodies began to line the ground in front of them.  Just as they pushed their attackers back into an open area, two dozen well organized attackers arrived on the scene.  Luminara realized at this point that the first wave was to wear them down, which it did.  The female Jedi were soon backed into a dead-end street.  Luminara insisted she climb teh wall while she covered the fire, but Barriss worried as she could not return the favor for her master when she got to the top.  But Barriss did it anyway and as she looked down, she saw Luminara get knicked by a shot in the abdomen.  As Barriss contemplated aiding her master she felt a strong divergence in The Force…..


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