‘Star Wars: The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 2 (Part 1)

What a Friday!  I went into Wendy’s at eleven o’clock today and the minute I stepped in the door it was mass chaos!  What a last day!  We did over $900 in sales between noon and one o’clock and then another $800 between one and two.  That’s insane!  It’s the second most profitable day in Wendy’s Front Street history.  I was there on the most profitable day, which was the Friday of the flood.  It was so busy that my boss had forgotten it was my last day there until about five minutes before he was about to leave.  It was so busy that I didn’t get to filtering fryers until 3:30 p.m. and didn’t get a chance to finish before I left.  I knew this meant that Heather’s night was going to be busy as well so I warned her when I came home.  I was so glad to finish my work at Wendy’s.  Not because it was hard, but because I can’t believe after four years of college and a Master’s degree that I found myself working at a burger joint just to make ends meet.  Worse yet, I was the low man on the totem ple at a burger joint!  I have vowed that I will find some other job or something else in the summer so that I NEVER have to work at a fast food joint again.  Lesson learned.  I came home and Heather and I ate leftovers for dinner and sat and talked for about fifteen minutes before I had to go to marching band practice and she had to go to work.  Practice worked out better tonight as we had the whole group together warming up, doing stretches, and also doing sets.  We got through the first five sets tonight, which worked out well for the band and the staff.  I was excited to finally be working on sets and to start that aspect of this season. I even believe that the students were excited to be able to do this as well.

Because of the way we worked out the rehearsal the way we did, I was able to leave about a half-hour early and come home at a decent hour.  I got home by about nine o’clock and got the kids.  We spent some time together before they had to go to bed.  I had a nice romantic evening planned tonight.  I was going to set up a bath for my wife with candles and a wine-cooler and what-not.  Except my wife (because of her lack of organization) somehow “hid” the candlestick holders in the house.  So, there went my romantic plans up in flames!  I searched the house for between two and three hours for them!  She walks in the door, pulls out an obscure box (not labeled, mind you) and says, “look, they’re right here!”  Of course this leads or romantic evening from an evening to an argument that lasts until four in the morning (espcially considering that she just got home at two in the morning).  After pure exhaustion, and working our differences out, especially the need to organize the house better, we went to bed.

Time to talk about “Star Wars:The Approaching Storm” by Alan Dean Foster of Chapter 2, Part 1…..

Chapter 2, Part 1:  Luminara Unduli and Barriss Offee are sitting around eating soup as a gentleman asks about the sweet scent eminating from the two female Jedi.  The stranger wants to know what’s under their robes and continues to threaten them.  Luminara says if they insist, then so be it.  As she spread her robes they instantly recognized the lightsaber.  The strangers’ friends backe away instantly, but the stranger didn’t believe that Luminara was even a Jedi.  The stranger considered the situation more as Luminara taunted him by saying that he knew how to find out if she was really a Jedi.  Barriss Offee continued to eat her soup as the stranger realized he was alone, the woman wasn’t scared of him and the he needed to get out of there.  Luminara turned around and sat down and pushed away her meal.  Barriss thought she handled the situation well and Luminara said that even on worlds like Ansion, you have to deal with excesses of testosterone.  Barriss said that at least she gave those men a story and a lesson.  Luminara only wished the local government was as easy to persuade.  They paid for their meal and left the establishment.  Luminara said they were here to barter peace between the city folk of Unity and Alwari nomads and that they can’t reveal any other intents otherwise.  Barriss said that both sides don’t trust them and that she despises polotics and would rather settle things with a lightsaber.  They continued to talk as they walked Cuipernams’s streets.  They noted that persuasion was hard to be successful at and Barriess blamed the Trade Federation as she also eyed some nice jewelry.  Luminara argues that the Trade Federation and Commerce Guild try to force nomads like the Alwari into needing the city folk as much as possible.  Barriss doesn’t understand why the Senate doesn’t vote to lower their trade commissions, but Luminara reminds her that money is power.  Barriss states the Jedi are above that, but Luminara notes there are rumors about  a former Jedi, named Count Dooku, and then she senses something and immediately stops talking…..


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