‘Star Wars:The Approaching Storm’ – Chapter 1

Today was a little easier.  I had a workshop this morning on Blackboard again and then I came home and met up with Heather.  She had a bunch of things she wanted to go get at Wal-Mart, so I decided to join her as I had things I wanted to look at and maybe buy as well.  Well, we got kids stuff at Wal-Mart for the school year, I got a scope for my bowcaster for seven dollars, which was perfect for us.  We also stopped at A.C. Moore and got two wood balls for the ends of the front of the bowcaster and stopped at Lowes and got stain and polyeurethane for it.  I’m excited about this project and think I could really be into it by the weekend.  I have the sanding almost completely finished.  Once we got home Heather and I took a little bit of a nap and then I went and got dinner ready.  We ate dinner together, talked for a little bit and I left for marching band practice.  Practice went well and I came home a little later than I expected as the director had me meet with the section leaders after practice.  I liked the idea and it was nice to hear what the students had to say about practice and how they thought things were going.  I came home, sanded my bowcaster some more and went to bed.

Okay, here’s a little explanation about some changes to the latest book review and the appearance of the blog.  First off, from this point on, the book review segments will be in the “read more” tab under each entry.  I finally figured out how to bring that back, so I’m going to use it now.  Also, the chapters in “Star Wars:  The Approaching Storm” can be long.  Some chapters will be reviewed as a whole.  Others will be broken up into chunks that I think make sense to the reader.  So, my reviews of certain chapters may occur over several days.  I do this only because some of the chapters in the book are HUGE!!  Okay, with that in mind, here’s the review of Chapter 1 of “Star Wars:  The Approacing Storm” by Alan Dean Foster…..

Chapter 1:  Senator Mousul is talking with Shu Mai, president of he Commerce Guild over the importance of his planet.  As they strode through a room filled with an electronic presentation of the galaxy, they were followed by a Twileek and a Corellian Industrialist.  Shu Mai was a Gossom and Mousul was from Ansion.  The Corellian does not understand the importance of Ansion and Shu Mai is overjoyed at this.  She figures if they can’t see it, then neither can their enemies.  Mai used the computer generated galaxy to bring up the Ansion set of stars.  She pointed out all the alliances and pacts in the system and connected them with colored lines.  Only Ansion remained untouched.  Shu Mai points out that there are other worlds in the galaxy in the same position, but Ansion is not as industrialized as those worlds.  The hope is that if Ansion pulls out of the Republic, other worlds will follow and because of alliances and pacts, would start a domino affect.  The Corellian was excited and willing to send a force to Ansion immediately.  Shu Mai pointed out the failure of the Trade Federation regarding that concept.  Shu Mai said that they wish for the withdrawal to look as though it had no external influences, even though it will.  Mousul reveals that if the conflict within the planet widens, it may only take a half a standard year to reply.  Shu Mai suggested that Ansion was the donimo that would start the others falling.  Once all down, they could rebuild a stronger political system with a strong leader.  The Twileek asks if the leader is Shu Mai, but she backs off saying her loyalty is to the Commerce Guild.  The Corellian said it would be nice to conduct his buisness with fewer laws and regulations.  She says that those who support the Guild will reap the most benefits.  Noting that Senator Mousul is quiet, Shu Mai asks why.  Mousul worries that other smarter factions may start to recognize Ansion’s significance.  Shu Mai tells him he worries too much.  The Twileek is impressed with the tactic and the choice of the little known planet of Ansion.


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