‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Coda

Well, it was back to work for the week.  Lots to do before we go camping in two weeks and even more to do before we get to Marching Band Camp for Vestal which starts tommorrow night (wow, this summer is just flying by).  I went to work at Wendy’s today and had a typical Monday.  Slow at first, but the lunch rush was really hopping.  I can’t believe that this week is going to be my last week at Wendy’s for the summer already.  I felt when I started this job as though it were going to go on and on forever and the next thing I know, I’m almost done with the job.  Anyway, got done with work and came home and we all got ready to take Austin to his first football meeting/practice.  When we got there, we found out that it was actually practice, which I wish I had known because he really wasn’t prepared in any way say with a water bottle and all.  So, Heather headed home and got a water bottle, better sneakers, and a chair for me to sit in.  We really felt left out of the loop when it came to football.  We haven’t really been told any of the details about football at all.  Maybe it’s the anal retentive marching band director in me, but it would be nice if they handed out a “welcome to football” packet so I knew what to expect of this particular sport group.  I honestly ripped into the coaches wife/secretary and said that it wasn’t fair for the new parents to be left in the dark about what to expect out of the football season.  She laid right back into me and we had a really heated debate.  She claims that we aren’t in the dark and that we need to know all that we need to know.  Well, that’s completely false.  We don’t know who provides equipment and what equipment they provide.  We don’t know when practices are and where they are.  What can I expect from the season?  When are the games?  Where are the games?  Who are the games against?  These were all questions I had that were not being answered by anyone.  Well, later in the practice, the coach’s wife came down to me and apologized and answered at least some of my questions.  I apologized but also explained where I was coming from.  I was most upset at finding out that football camp is all next week while marching band camp is occurring at Vestal.  This would have been nice information to know earlier.  Just like I also found out that the football games actually take place on Sunday anytime between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. depending on which league my son is in.   Again, important information to know ahead of time!  Anyway, we both apologized to each other.  In the meantime, Heather had left for work.

Now, something I didn’t cover about today earlier was that we have been praying for and waiting for a phone call from my brother and his wife.  She is pregnant and has been expecting any day now and should be giving birth today because the doctors decided to induce the birth.  I knew I was going to get a phone call tonight sometime about how things are progressing.  Well, at about 11:35 I received a call that they had a baby boy.  AND, not only did they have a boy (which I’m proud that my brother has a son to pall around with, much like I do with Austin), but they also gave that boy a special name – Robert Kenneth.  So that’s right ladies and gentlemen, my nephew is named after me.  Can you all tell I’m a little proud of that?  I’ve been walking around all night now after that a little taller and with my chest pushed out just a little further.  Now I know the name Robert Crissman will live on even after I’m long gone.  Thanks Mike for the honor of naming my nephew after me.  It’s very exciting.

Alright, not the last chapter per say, but it’s time to talk about the Coda of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Coda:  Within years all Sekotan ships are dead or destroyed.  Tarkin and Seinar return the crippled fleet.  Tarkin begins devising plans for a moon-sized battle station.  The new Republic finds use of Tarkin and Seinar.  Charza Kwinn returns to Coruscant and given a new mission.  In later years, during the Empire, Charza becomes a pirate and smuggler, but only against Imperial ships.Rumors are abound of a planet moving about led by a mad-person.  Months after counseling Anakin, Thracia Lo Cheem leaves the Jedi Order without explanation.  “There is no balance yet”.


Okay, tommorrow night I will give the positives of the book and the night after the negatives and give this book a final overall rating.


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