‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 63

Well, it’s hump day and it felt like a hump day.  I got up this morning and watched Dr. Phil and then got ready for work.  Heather got up a little later and we talked a little before I went to work.  Today’s day at work was quite busy and we seemed to be down a person all day.  Maybe we were and maybe we weren’t but it felt that way.  We also had a bus come to the store and our manager had a hard time trying to get the teenagers to stay organized.  So, I offered to use my teaching expertise and help and it worked.  I was able to make the kids understand that if they wanted to get fed in a timely manner, then they needed to listen and form one line and to order clearly and stop talking over others.  I think I was able to connect wth these kids and we got orders out on time.  Hey, teaching skills come in to the limelight even at Wendy’s.  Yah!!!

So, I came home and found that Heather had gone to Wal Mart to get some stuff for the house for cleaning and managed to help me out by getting some things I wanted for the house.  One of the items she got was fishing line that can handle up to fifty pounds of weight.  There was a reason for this as I have been wanting to hang up the Star Wars vehicles that I got from my parents.  So, three hours later, I was able to hang all the vehicles (except for one that I plan on hanging later this weekend).  So, what ships do I have up?  Well, I have the original Kenner produced of the following:  The Millenium Falcon, Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter Interceptor, Slave One, B-Wing, Cloud City Skycar, Y-Wing, and the Snowspeeder.  It’s exciting seeing them hanging from the basement over my T.V.  I’ll take a picture of it someday and show all of you what our basement looks like now with all of the toys out on display.  It’s actually kind of cool to see all of my old toys out and on display.  I have to thank Arnie and Marjorie over at Star Wars Action News for giving me the idea on their show.  I credit them for the great idea.

Time to talk about Chapter 63 from “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 63:  As Seinar and Tarkin exited the ship in an escape pod, Tarkin was furious.  Just two minutes from docking he said.  Trakin grabbed a comlink and told his captain aboard “The Einem” to destroy the cargo ship and destroy the planet. 


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