‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 61

Well, as many of you have figured out based on my last entry, I gave a workshop today at the Broome Teacher’s Center on Blogging and Podcasting.  It was a really fun workshop and I think those that came got a lot of information out of it.  Many ideas were shared and I even got some other information from the teachers there.   That’s the sign of a good workshop when the teacher and the students are both learning.  It was fun and well worth the time preparing and teaching the workshop.  We even discussed a possible follow-up workshop which I think would be lots of fun.

Today was a rather busy day for Heather and I even without the kids being around.  Heather is really nervous about her grandmother showing up on Saturday.  She kicked into ultimate cleaning mode today getting ready for Saturday.  She had me and her cleaning everything in the house.  Walls, cabinets, floors, ceilings and she even went as far as redoing the set-up of the living room because she didn’t like how it “looked”.  I think she’s making a big deal out of nothing, but I guess I would be nervous if my grandmother were coming here as well.  Especially considering how some parts of the house look, and that’s completely out of our control and may take several years to get back under control (like bad paint jobs and wallpaper jobs).

So, we started early cleaning and I left for work after unsuccessfully solving the problems with my desktop.  For some reason, my desktop won’t bring up http://www.google.com.  Anyone else having this problem?  It’s weird.  I tried uploading updates for windows and Internet Explorer, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.  Anyway, I went and did my workshop and stopped at Giant Markets on my way home.  I came home, and Heather was getting ready for work and had a small, quaint little dinner prepared for me and then had a list of cleaning jobs she wanted me to do after dinner.  Like, cleaning the kitchen cabinets, sweeping, and mopping the kitchen floor and dusting the downstairs home theater equipment.

Now it’s time to talk about Chapter 61 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 61:  Obi-Wan tells Charza that he’s not sure what shape Anakin is in but that he knows he’s alive.  Obi-Ean says that the Republic has taken Anakin’s ship and need him to keep the ship alive.  Charza points out that Obi-Wan swore to protect the Republic but Obi-Wan said he also swore to protect his padawan.  Obi-Wan says the attack is illegal and they have to rescue the boy.  Charza scopes out a moment of weakness on the mine-ships approach path and tells Obi-Wan that they will test a new pirate-like toy.  Obi-Wan reflects on the Blood Carver’s dead body and is still bothered by the sight.


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