‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 59

Today was a busy, busy day.  I stayed up last night until Heather got home so she and I could actually spend some time together.  We went to bed late and then got up a little late this morning.  So, we got up around eleven a.m. and got the kids ready to go and left the house around noon for Norwich to drop the kids off with my in-laws.  My mother-in-law showed up at the Norwich Wal-Mart shortly after we did.  She went inside and we did a brief amount of shopping together.  I got a storage bin for all of the stuff Austin got for Heroscape during his birthday so he had something to store it all in.  We also bought a new flavor of Diet Pepsi, Strawberries and Cream, and I think I have a new favorite flavor of soda.  It’s completely awesome!  Anyway, we left there and all headed over to the Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken and had lunch there.  Heather and I drove home and decided to go to the movies now instead of later, so witout the kids we decided to got see “Pirates of the Carribean:  Dead Man’s Chest”.  I have a short comment to say and it’s spoilery, so here it is (highlight to read):  As much as I liked the movie, I take issue with the movie.  First off, the ending with the re-entry of the evil pirate from the first movie was cool, but almost predictable.  The only thing that would’ve made it better is if they decided to have Black Beard show up instead.  The other issue I have is the fact that this movie doesn’t seem to have any good special effects scenes.  There were several with the first movie, like when the pirates were walking on the basement of the ocean or when the pirates tossed around Elizabeth all around the Black Pearl.  Those were totally cool scenes, but there weren’t any scenes like that in this movie.  Maybe the scene when Davy Jones first shows up at the abondoned ship in the water and captures Will Turner.  Other than that, there were no memorable moments in this movie.  Finally, this movie doesn’t stand alone like the first one did.  You had to see the first movie in order to fully appreciate and understand this movie and you’re going to have to watch the next movie in order to see how everything ends up.  Again, it won’t stand alone.  I argue this because I believe that any of the Star Wars movies could stand alone.  Yes, you understand the general plot of the Star Wars movies when you put them back to back, but you could watch any Star Wars movie on it’s own and understand what was going on.  I think Disney needs to do the next movie and then drop this movie line.  Don’t try to ride the wave into six movies, it would be a HUGE mistake!

 So, after the movie, Heather and I went to Victoria’s Secret because Heather needed to get some new bras and we had a chance to shop without the kids.  We then went to Friendly’s and shared one dinner because neither of us was very hungry per say.  We then shared a desert and left and went home.  We vegged out and I worked on putting together a list of products we needed for the laptop and destop for Heather.  She likes to see it in list form so that she has it all in front of her while she is shopping.  I can understand that.  We then were so exhausted, we read for a little bit and then went to bed.

Time to talk about Chapter 59 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 59:  Anakin had his hand on the fuselage of his ship feeling her fear.  Anakin was still trying to get rid of the image of his first personal kill, when Sekot appeared out the ship’s Sekot.  Sekot said they were after the settlements and was leary to try to protect them since it had never been practiced with engines and hyperdrive cores.  She told Anakin he was in the fleet she was going to destroy and did not intend on hurting him.  Anakin was amazed that she was capable of this and said she is the balance to life and she even deels death on her planet.  A guard came over and asked Anakin who he was talking to, to which Anakin he sayed, “the planet”.  Sekot returned after the guard left and said the fleet would have to be destroyed as there was no other way.  Anakin began to prepare for his death as an apprentice.


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