‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 57

Today was really HOT at work.  Not only was it hot, but we were busy beyond belief.  It just never seemed to let up and I was not sure if I should ever back down on grilling the beef.  When I wanted to back down, I was asked to grill more beef so they had enough for Chili meat.  It was just HOT at work.  Our Frosty machines were on overload and I’m waiting for them to just give up one of these days.  I’m worried about the meat and chicken in this heat, however, because it seems as if our coolers can’t keep them cool enough fast enough.  All well, I think that just happens in this kind of heat.

I got home and Heather and I just vegged and talked for an hour and I relaxed for another hour after she left.  Then we had steak-ums for dinner and retrieved to the basement yet again.  We ate dinner and vegged out and watched some of our usual T.V. shows like “Big Brother” and “So You Think You Can Dance”. I also have been listening to Chronoradio #28 during the commercial breaks.

Okay, so onto Chapter 57 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears……

Chapter 57:  Anakin stayed close to Jabitha in the dusty ruins of her father’s home.  They continued to talk to Sekot who was interested to learn from a Jedi like Anakin.  Anakin asked if the seeds were heres and she says the seeds are her children.  She says the Magister was going to reveal her to his people, but the Far Outsiders came which changed that.  Anakin asks if she can see outside.  She says she can see wherever her tendrils reach but that she has been burned before so now she’ll burn back.  Sekot revealed that the Magister believed she was the Potentium and that she could see everywhere.  He told her there was only good in the universe till she learned differently when he died, then she sought revenge and began killing till Vergere urged the Far Outsiders away.  She also revealed that no one knew the Magister was dead until now.  Sekot revealed to Anakin that she made a connection with him because she does what she’s told much like a slave does.  Anakin asked why all of a sudden she felt the need to appear.  Then the ceiling began to collapse and Sekot assisted Anakin and Jabitha who was asleep, as they ran towards the exit.  As they revealed the exit and headed toward the Sekotan ship, a sky-mine delivery ship landed.  Two squads of troops came off the ship, one surrounded Jabitha and Anakin as Jabitha came to; the other surrounded the dead body of the Blood Carver.  Then two officers exited the ship and came over to them.  “Him” one said as they pointed to Anakin.  Anakin was seperated from Jabitha as Tarkin introduced himself to the young Jedi.  Seinar asked about Daiv, to which Tarkin said he was a failure and he be left to rot.  Tarkin took him aboard his ship where he reunited Anakin with his Sekotan ship.  Tarkin said the Jedi Temple awaits his return.


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