‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 56

It’s done!!  Let me say that again for my own conviction, it’s done!  My school district finally has a Middle School Classroom Music curriculum.  Can’t believe that we were able to actually agree on everything that quick and able to put together a curriculum almost too easily!  Christine was able to join us and approve everything and kind of rubber stamp the entire project.  I just hope that we don’t run into any problems trying to transfer it to the web program and when our department chair finally reads it.

I came home and we all went downstairs  and just vegged.  It was just too hot to try and do anything else.  We ate dinner downstairs and slept a little down there as well considering that we didn’t sleep too well last night since it was so hot and humid.  While Heather was asleep I took the kids and went to Giant Foodmarkets to get food together for a chef salad.  We ate with Heather, which was a nice change of pace, and had a nice chef salad as we tried to cool off.  It was great and was really easy to clean up after.

Tonight I was able to clean up after all the modeling mess downstairs and start to organize my models and all the paints and materials that I’ve had out downstairs for the past four to five months.  It’s good to feel a little accomplishment and I hope to have the game set up for when the kids get back from being at grammy and papa’s after next week.  I was VERY bummed to find out my Podomatic site was down tonight.  I thought I would take a minute to check on the page and it was just a bunch of digits and symbols.  This made me nervous.  Fear not, I have an email in to Podomatic as we speak and I hope that it gets solved soon.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 56 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 56:  Tarkin ordered more droid starfighters to join the foray to make way for a retrieval ship.  As they decended Seinar warned Tarkin to be careful with the Sekotan ship.  The captain reported they were losing more ships in the North due to the strong defenses the Sekotans had.  Tarkin said once their primary mission is completed, they will take the planet by force.


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