‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 54

Well, today was oppressively hot here in Binghamton and according to the news, it’s only supposed to get worse.  Work was absolutely hot today and I had to take several moments to get hydrated.  I had to get myself back into the groove of work, but it didn’t take long.  We started to distribute the new Vanilla Frosty today.  It seems as though it’s doing very well considering the advertising campaign hasn’t even hit the streets yet.  I got home today and found the kids and Heather downstairs resting and trying to escape the heat.

Tonight’s the night that TJCS hits the airwaves.  I also spent half the evening trying to find out if I have a workshop tommorrow on curriculum mapping.  Luckily I do, as I asked off for the days from Wendy’s and didn’t want to loose the pay.  TJCS should be out tonight by 10 p.m.  After that I have to print out some stuff on our printer and then head to bed.  I’m trying to get to bed early tonight, let’s see if I can make that happen.

 Let’s get to Chapter 54 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 54:  Jabitha walked slowly toward the two shadows she could see crouched behind a boulder.  Jabitha called for Anakin with no answer.  The Blood Carver came at her and lifted his arms as Jabitha looked up at him, she saw his blood oozing down his face.  Anakin walked into the overhang and said he tried to control it and asked Jabitha to “stop him.”  They walked toward the Blood Carver and Jabitha wondered if he was dying.  Anakin said he hoped not and said he should not have let loose.  Jabitha told Anakin that he saved them and Anakin said not like this and told the Blood Carver not to die.  Jabitha said she had to find her father and ran towards the ruins.  Ke Daiv kept speaking in his native tongue as Anakin held his arm while he died in front of him.  Anakin got up, turned around, and screamed.

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