‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 51

Well, today was a completely busy day at work.  We would like to say we got slammed, but I think today was somewhere beyond slammed!  That was the bad news, the good news is that I figured out a way to serve those triples and doubles with the cheese inbetween.  Instead of bringing two burgers over on one spatula, I decided to use two spatulas.  Hey, why not?  I got three on the grill!  It worked great and made my hectic day just a little easier.  I know it’s not a lot to celebrate, but it’s the small wonders in life that keep my day going.  When I got done with work, I met Heather at home and we all went over and ate at Wendy’s for dinner.  I decided to try their new Mountain Cheeseburger.  It was actually pretty good.  Once we were done, the kids and I came home and worked on laundry all night long.  I’m hoping to break out “Star Wars:Battlefront II” for the first time tonight and get a chance to play around on the game.  Josh is supposed to join us tonight, pretty late and I figured he and I would probably talk for a little bit and then head to bed because he has a long, hot day ahead of him tommorrow, too.

Tommorrow we head to Six-Flags Darien Lake.  We’ll be there all day and then head over to my parents’ place in Rochester. We’ll go to church with them on Sunday and then come home Sunday night.  So, I will be incommunicado for he next two days, so don’t expect entries until we get back.  Then on Monday night is the release of TJCS #6 and I hope to get caught up on Blog entries but may not get caught up until later in the week.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 51 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 51:  Jabitha led Anakin and Ke Daiv to where she believed the palace should be.  Anakin sized-up  the situation but determined he could not stop the Blood Carver from killing Jabitha if he so desired.  As Jabitha wondered about her father and the palace workers, Ke Daiv reminded them they were here for fuel, nothing more.  Jabitha was short from air because of the altitude as Anakin spotted a corner of he building.  As they walked toward the building Anakin looked back at his ship and realized they hadn’t even named her yet.  Jabitha then realized that she had been lied to about the palace, then turned to Anakin and said he had seen it.  Daiv got them back on track about fuel and reminded them about the sky-mines that were surely to find their ship or them.  Anakin said to Ke Daiv that they were willing to sacrifice him and wanted to know why.  Daiv explained that he accidentally killed his benefactor’s son with a stray bullett.  They reached the doorway and were about to enter when a sky-mine and a singular droid starfighter in the distance were spotted by Anakin.  As Anakin and Daiv continued to talk, Anakin’s anger began to build-up inside him.  Anakin yelled at the voices to stop and Daiv was offended and called Anakin “slave boy” again.  Anakin continued to fight this inner power as it welled up inside him.  Jabitha turned to see Anakin crouched down and the Blood Carver ready to swing his lance.  Then Anakin raised his hands up and said he could not hold back any more.

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