‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 48

Okay, today was a rough day simply because I had to wake up early enough to go to my Blackboard workshop.  I went to bed at one and woke up at seven.  Wow, should’ve planned that one out better.  Well, I went to the workshop today and found it very informative.  I even got a workbook about how to use Blackboard so that I can walk away now and do some work on my own.  I just recently found out that my district plans on using Blackboard to replace Learning Village.  I’m glad they’re taking this step because I find Blackboard much easier since this is the program I used for Master’s School.  I got a pretty good start on my page today and look forward to getting some serious work done on it tommorrow when I will get the full three hours to work on my page.

I got home and Heather and I took a nap together.  It was cool to finally be at home together at the same time.  That really hasn’t happened since last week early in the week when both of us haven’t been totally drained.  We got out of our nap and then played some board games with the kids before Heather had to go to work.  It was outrageously humid today and it’s only supposed to get worse.  Heather and I talked about how we are going to get to Darien Lake.  Mapquest told her to take I-81 to I-90 to I-390 to Darien Lake.  I told Heather it would be quicker to take Route 17, and sure enough it is.  So, that’s the route we’re going to take on Saturday.  Heather then headed to work and I ate dinner with the kids and then went downstairs and did some more miniature painting while I watched my typical shows.

Time to talk about Chapter 48 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 48:  Shappa pushed his ship and started to gain ground against Anakin’s.  Charzwa Kwinn was behind them with many Sekotan ships to follow.  Shappa recognized Republic mine-layers ahead and he wondered if Obi-Wan knew anything of this and Obi-Wan did not.  Then Shappa said it was all no matter as it was the will of the Potentium.  Obi-Wan asked if the original magister was given Jedi training and Shappa said yes, but could not reveal his name.  Obi-Wan began to reflect on the Potentium that he had been instructed on.  Those Jedi believed that all Jedi were inherently good and their Force did not need guidance or training.  Obi-Wan also remembered that those  that believed in the Potentium had left or were forced out.  Then Obi-Wan remembered a young apprentice that left and renounced his training.  He asked Shappa if the first Magister was Leor Hal and Shappa said it was.  Then Shappa revealed that Hal recruited among the Ferroans because they were believers in basic goodness.  Then he revealed that the heir to Hal insisted on teaching the Far Outsiders about the Potentium and the he also shunned Vergere when she arrived and helped them build weapons for protection.  Obi-Wan suggested that the Magister is dead and that the palace may be empty.  Shappa became angry and said it was not true and that he would help rescue the boy, but that they would have to leave afterwards.  Then they saw sky-mines being dropped ahead.


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