‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 47

Well, it was back to work today, this Monday.  I was scheduled to work from 10:30 till 4.  It seemed like such a long day.  My boss at work today was talking with me about trying to train me to do make sandwiches.  I told him not to bother.  My last day with them is on August 18th, three weeks away.  By the time they train me and get me on the line it will be one week till I leave.  No point in me doing it.  So, this week is kind of exciting.  I have a Blackboard class tommorrow and Wednesday and then on Saturday Heather and I are heading to “Six Flags Darien Lake” with the kids, coming back to my parents and then we’re going to stay with them until Sunday and then come home from our weekend excursion.  Then I was watching the news tonight and realized that “Sounds On The Susquehanna” our local Drum Corps. show is happening this weekend which means that I won’t be around for Josh’s show this weekend.  Figures, my busy life is taking me out of town the only weekend that my friend is coming into town.  So, I called Josh tonight, we haven’t talked in a while anyway.  Josh asked if he could show up on Friday night and I said that would actually not be a problem.  So, Josh will be here Friday night and will have practice fairly early on Saturday, which is okay because Heather and I wanted to be on the road early on Saturday.  So, it’s all good.

Tonight I came home from work, called Josh, then got dinner ready as Heather walked out the door.  We ate dinner, cleaned up and I headed downstairs for some serious TJCS recording.  I managed to do that between T.V. show segments and worked on getting that done.  The way I figure, if the show is not recorded before we leave, I won’t be able to get it out on time, so I’m on the time crunch.  That’s why my blogging has gotten so far behind.  So, be patient, I hope to be caught up before we leave for the weekend.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 47 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 47:  Anakin truly beame in touch with his Sekotan ship and got together communicating with it.  Daiv says he didn’t kill Anakin’s master and is an assassin given orders to kill a Jedi named Skywalker.  Then he introduces himself as Ke Daiv.  Daiv said he knew that they kept great reserves of fuel in the South from a war.  Anakin tried to use a Jedi mind trick on hime while keeping up a conversation.  Daiv revealed he was from a race of people defeated by the Lontars.  Anakin asked why he didn’t get a Sekotan Ship and Daiv said he was rejected by this seed partners.  He also reveals that he wanted to be free, much how Anakin felt.  Anakin kept concentrating to hold his mind control.  He offered to take Daiv back to Coruscant in his ship, but Daiv says they are from distant clans.  Anakin says they have a lot in common and reveals he was once a slave too.  Daiv says he is a slave to disgrace and then tells Anakin he’s too young to understand.  Daiv instructs anakin to make his ship go faster.  Then he threatened Jabitha and ordered Anakin to move faster to the Magister’s mountain.  Anakin noticed the seeds were communicating with him, but it wasn’t the seeds, it was really Vergere.  She says she is leaving with a people that provoked a war on the planet and is going to study them to avoid a bigger war.  She says the Far Outsiders are beings ignorant of The Force.  She fears they pose a great threat.  The she reveals that she has witnessed the birth of an amazing being on Sekot.  Anakin was interupted by Daiv slamming his Lance over the dashboard and asking him what he’s staring at.  Anakin asked him to just let him fly.  Anakin began to realize the survival of the Jedi may be at stake.


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