‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 45

Well, today was a lazy, lazy Saturday.  We slept in fairly late and got off to a late start this morning.  Once we got up, I went outside and mowed the back yard and the second property.  Heather had done the front of the house earlier this week, so it saved me time from having to do that.  That made me exhausted and almost dehydrated, so I came in for lunch and some serious hydration.  We then decided it was just too hot to be upstairs and went downstairs to our nice cool basement.  It was nice to just hang out down there and veg for a little bit.  Heather went back upstairs to sleep in the bed for a little because she had to work tonight.  I worked on dinner and by the time Heather got up we had dinner together and she left for work.

I went downstairs and worked some more on painting my miniatures.  I also recieved another model today that Games Workshop had owed me from earlier this year because it was missing pieces and they promised to replace it.  So, I have more models to paint than I planned on, but that was okay with me.  I also received today two packages of Dwarf Warrior models which I plan on painting the beginning of next week while I finish my Helm’s Deep set.  After staying up fairly late working on TJCS notes for Episode #6, I went to bed at one in the morning on Sunday.  A pretty lazy day overall.

Time to talk about Chapter 45 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 45:  Shappa tells Obi-Wan that Sheekla is injured and Gann is in shock.  The architect lifted up his lightsaber and Obi-Wan took it from him.  Gann insists they must go to the Magister to enact defenses.  Shappa asks Obi-Wan what he needs and Obi-Wan says a ship to follow Anakin.  Shappa offered his own ship.  Gann asks about the planet’s defenses and again acuses Obi-Wan of bringing the invaders upon them.  Shappa defends Obi-Wan saying it is not the Jedi way of things.  They get into Shappa’s ship where he finds Anakin’s ship already well ahead but needs fuel.  Obi-Wan asks where they can fuel and Shappa says Middle Distance, Far Distance, or the Magister’s Mountain.  Shappa asked why Anakin was so special.  Obi-Wan avoids the question by talking about aide from Charza Kwinnthen Shappa asks why they are here.  Then Obi-Wan reveals they came to get Vergere and Shappa tells him he was going to design her ship.  Shappa told him they left with the Far Outsiders and Obi-Wan asks who they are.  Then Shappa said they came two years before Vergere and lurked outside the system.  They asked a lot of questions and also seemed to build organic ships.  They soon discovered the Far Outsiders wanted all their secrets, so they began to defend themselves.  Then Vergere arrived and offered to be a diplomat.  Shappa asked if Obi-Wan had seen the planetary scars and said their weapons were powerful.  Then Shappa communicated with his ship and told Obi-Wan that Anakin was alive and talking to his captor.  Obi-Wan was shocked but Shappa said they install trackers on all their ships.  Obi-Wan suggests that the planet is defenseless but Shappa smiles and says he is wrong.  Shappa said they drove out the Far Outsiders but skirted the question about what did it.  Obi-Wan opened a comm with Charza Kwinn.


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