‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 43

Well, today was quite a busy day at work.  It seemed really busy and they attempted to get things fixed in the store today.  We got our frosty machine fixed and the dining room is actually back up and running and everything except for one problem got fixed.  Our fryer got fixed, but the middle fryer went shortly before I showed up this morning.  So, once again, we are down to four out of six fryers.  It was steady all day today, not really overly busy except for the typical lunch rush which we expect but then it really slowed down by three o’clock which made my last hour seem to take forever.

I got home and got dinner on the table and the kids and I had some fun getting dinner taken apart and cleaned up from afterwards.  We then watched T.V. for a little bit and I went downstairs and worked on miniatures and started to catch-up on my Star Wars reading and started to work on TJCS #6.  I started on the research for the episode and began writing down my notes.  I will have to be working on this all the way through the weekend and through next week.  I had planned on starting to tape for the episode tommorrow night because I thought Heather was going to be at work but she actually has the night off.  This is going to put off my recording schedule and may mess up the release of Episode #6.  I will let all of you know if this will truly be the case.

Okay, not too much to talk about, time to talk about Chapter 43 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 43:  Anakin awoke from being knocked down in a daze to see the Blood Carver he raced in the garbage pits.  The Blood Carver had a lance and managed to whack Anakin on the head with it.  The Blood Carver picked Anakin up and dragged him into their new Sekotan vessel.  At this point Anakin wondered if Obi-Wan was even alive.  Then a voice in his head said that all of this situation was a trial for him.  But the voice wasn’t Qui-Gon’s, but a mature voice.  The Blood Carver searched the ship for others and found Jabith who was hiding.  The Blood Carver threw her down next to Anakin then picked him up and put him in the cockpit of the craft as it greeted him.  The Blood Carver got in Obi-Wan’s seat and pulled out a bulb of green gunk and snorted it.  Anakin asked if Obi-Wan was dead but the Blood Carver said there was no time and Anakin needed to take the ship to orbit.  Then he threatened to kill Jabitha with his lance.  Anakin tried to probe for Obi-Wan’s presence but was unsuccessful.  Then he did feel Obi-Wan and found he was only injured.  Anakin said the ship didn’t have much fuel, so the Blood Carver demanded he fly to a refueling station.  Then Anakin put together that the Blood Carver was the unsuccessful ship client who Gann Talked about earlier.  The ship lifted off as Anakin communicated with it and it communicated with Anakin without ever saying a word.  Anakin was taking the Blood Carver away from Obi-Wan to give him a chance, but something else happened as well.  He became enraged inside and the voice told him to become more angry to gather his strength.


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