‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 42

Well, today at work was much better!  Things seemed to be put together a little more.  We seemed to have more personnel on hand as well, so that handling the messes that occured during the work day seemed a little easier.  I did make Heather a little mad at me today by talking to her boss and saying that she needed to talk to him.  She was avoiding the issue and I feel she needs to deal with it head on.  So, I talked to her boss, not about the issue, but to arrange a time so they could get into the same room.  Heather was mad at me for trying to do this (which she went into work an hour early), but I think she needed to do that.  In the long run, I think she may not be mad at me (she’ll never say I was right, because no matter what, I’m always wrong!).  Anyway, I was able to run the shift on the four fryers today no problem.  It got a little tough when I had to filter fryers and we went down to two fryers, but with some team work, we were able to catch up.  It was a much better work day and does not make me want to quit this job early.  If only every work day could be this easy and simple.  I was able to even get to some cleaning things that we couldn’t get to before.  But, there are still issues in the store.  The meat well still doesn’t work and of course the two fryers don’t work.  The parts have been ordered, but it could take up to a week to get them fixed.

I came home to an angry wife, and kids that were upset because the “slip n’ slide” came up in the yard.  But, I know why Heather did it.  She put the slip and slide over the dry well.  Not a good idea, because the water caused the smell from the dry well to start coming to the surface.  Needless to say, my back yard now smells like septic.  Just not a smart idea, and I said it when she did it, but she over-ruled me.  Guess that won’t happen again.  Now we have to scrub the slip n’ slide and hope the area dries fairly quickly.  I just don’t like playing with the area where the septic is until we have figured out how it works and how full it may be.  Anyway, because of Heather’s meeting, she had to leave right away and the kids and I ate dinner and then cleaned up.  Tara is being punished for ruining Heather’s good flashlight and for playing with something that is not hers, AGAIN!!  So, she went back to her room and Ruth and Austin went upstairs to watch “Kicking and Screaming” and “Madagascar” while I watched “So You Think You Can Dance” downstairs.

Okay, this is a long chapter, so I’ll get to the point, time to talk about Chapter 42 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 42:  Workers helped Anakin and Obi-Wan out of their newly formed ship.  Anakin wondered if the ship was longley, but Obi-Wan said it could bear a few minutes without him around.  They were proud of their creation, but Obi-Wan tried to look west to see if he could see the “big project” that was going on in the pits not too far away.  They layed down on a couch and were brought drinks as another Ferroan named Fitch introduced himself.  Anakin asked where they got the hypercore and Fitch danced around the answer.  Fitch told them they would say close to the ship for the next forty-eight hours because if they left their ship, their ship would rot from the inside out.  Anakin didn’t understand because he thought the ship was thinking for itself.  Fitch said that while this is partially true, the ship is still like an infant.  The ship was lifted higher as many Republic standard equipment was attached.  Both Jedi were in awe at it’s beauty.  Anakin began to dream about where the ship can go and Obi-Wan reminds him that it is if the Council will let them.  Obi-Wan and Anakin conferred about the fact that The Force was feeling the middle of he wave in Anakin’s training.  Anakin worries about the ship and that she’ll die without him.  They are interrupted by the arrival of Sheekla and Shappa Farrs, Gann, and Jabitha.  Jabitha said the ship looks beautiful.  Then Gann reports on difficulties on the planet.  He reports that a client injured people and caused undue damage at Middle Distance and now they are tracking a fleet of four starfighters coming near the planet and then accusses the Jedi of leading them here.  Sheekla then told them that the Magister has been informed of all of this and the Jedi may not take their ship until this mas all been worked out.  Obi-Wan offered help, but they refused.  They were told that they would stay with the ship on Zonoma.  Gann believes the ships are pirates but Obi-Wan disagrees.  Shappa moves forward and offers to tell about Vergere.  Gann says they cannot and should defer to the Magister, but Shappa points out that no one, not even his daughter, has seen him in months.  Obi-Wan asked what happened to Vergere and Shappa says no one knows and they were afraid the Jedi would suspect them of murder.  She then said they lived in fear of the Far Outsiders.  When Obi-Wan asked who the Far Outsiders were, Shappa almost replied till she stopped herself.  Obi-Wan asked to see the Magister but Shappa questions whether they should trust them.  Obi-Wan tells them that it cannot be the Trade Federation as they had been ordered to hand over all weapons to the Republic.  Then Gann insisted tht they consult the Magister.  In the meantime, Anakin has wandered over to the ship and seemed to be communicating with it.  When Obi-Wan finally got his attention, Anakin said they need to leave because they’re in danger here.  Then Ferroans came running to Gann to tell him they ahve found a second larger fleet.  Anakin cried out as two starfighters came whizzing down straffing laser fire by them.  Obi-Wan pulled out his lightsaber and pushed Anakin down as he deflected shots from the Trade Federation style starfighters.  Anakin wanted to protect the ship, but Obi-Wan wanted to find shelter.  The ships came back for a third pass as Anakin suggested they use the ship to escape.  This time Obi-Wan could not deflect the blasts and he and Anakin became injured and are knocked to the ground.  As Obi-Wan opened his eyes and his arm was in pain, he saw the Blood Carver standing over him ready to restore his family’s honor.  The Blood Carver kicked the lightsaber out of his hand and said, “yes Jedi, I still live.”


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