‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 41

Well, I got to the store at Wendy’s today and the store was literally falling apart.  I walked in and looked at the dining room and there was a new waterfall installed.  At least not one that they wanted installed but one that just showed up out of nowhere.  I got to the kitchen and things already seemed like chaos before I even started my shift.  The repair guy for Wendy’s was there and was working on the problem in the dining room.  Apparently the air conditioning was overworking because it has been so hot around here and backed up on the water and it spilled over through the ceiling.  So that was problem number one today.  Problem number two came at about noon when one of the workers went to get a Frosty and the machine decided to simply stop working.  So at this rate we were down to one Frosty machine.  Then at around one o’clock, I noticed one of the fryers was on the light saying “waiting” which means it wasn’t up to the right temperature.  We checked the temperature and it was at 300 degrees and dropping.  Not good!!  This means that we went from six fryers to work fries, nuggets, chicken strips, and crispy chicken sandwiches to four.  Things were just not going well at all.  It did make filtering the fryers easier, but it made it a complete bitch to try and keep up with orders today.  So, let’s recap.  Here’s what’s broken at our store now:  the air conditioning, the meat well (it doesn’t keep the meat cold anymore so the meat is now brought out on ice), one of the double-well fryers, and the front Frosty machine.  The manager on duty today said that if one more thing breaks in the store we may have to consider closing down just to repair all the problems in the store.

I came home to Heather “chilling” with the kids downstairs and we talked about all of the problems at the store.  She called her boss to try and talk about some other issues she was having with work and found out that a door was left unlocked last night.  Now she fretted all night long about whether she was going to get fired, repremanded, or even written up for failing to do her duties.  The manager on duty kind of yelled at her on the phone about the situation and said her boss was not there yet.  She called later and made herself worry some more when her boss said he needed to talk to her about leaving the store unlocked.  I tried to reassure her and let her know that she is one of the best put-together people working there and that she may have made a mistake, but they won’t fire her over one mistake.  Besides, she’s one of the few workers they have that’s over 18 years of age.  She continued to frett as Heather does and couldn’t let all of that go out of her head.  She ended up reading/fretting till 1 a.m.  So I know she didn’t sleep very well either.  Which means that I didn’t sleep well either, so I think we’re both a little punchy going to bed tonight.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 41 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 41:  Seinar and his altered E-5 droid were entering the viewing area.  Noting the droids functional problems, Seinar ordered it to stand down.  Seinar told it to self-analyze, but couldn’t understand the answers to it’s problems.  That’s when Kett said that five droids departed from the weapons bay.  Then Kett said that five Starfighter droids have left the ship headed for Zonoma Sekot.  the rest he managed to lock down.  Seinar asked Kett if he installed his programming in all the droids and Kett said yes.  Seinar knew this was Tarkin’s doing, so he told Kett to destroy the droid starfighters.  Kett worried that this would reveal their position, but Seinar did not want rogue units out there.  They got one, but the other four escaped.  Then Seinar ordered an active scan of the entire system.  Seinar shut down th E-5 droid and began to dissassemble him.


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