‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 37

Holy crap today was a busy day at work!  It just didn’t seem to end.  When our normal lunch rush ends between 1:30 and 2 p.m., today our lunch rush finally slowed down at 3 p.m.  And I do mean slowed down.  It never really ended per say.   What a day!  And my wife will have to go in tonight to try and fix the mess that was made by us.  Good luck!  I got home and the house was a wreck as always.  My wife had dinner planned for me, but we basically had to pass at the door.  This is the bummer of us both working at the same place.  We can’t work at the same time, so it may be a posibility that we may not see each other very much at all.  I guess we kind of asked for this with me working.  It’s almost like the first year that Heather and I were married and we would literally pass each other Ruth at the door.  I never even shut the car off.  I would come home from college and she would rush off to work in downtown Rochester.  Ah, the memories.  Anyway, the kids and I ate dinner and then I went downstairs to watch some T.V.  Then it dawned on me what my problem with the T.V. was.  It wasn’t the T.V, it wasn’t the cable box, and it wasn’t the signal coming into the cable box.  So what was the problem?  Come on Scott and Josh, I know you’re hands are up ready to answer!  That’s right, there was something wrong with the only other component handling my T.V. signal, the receiver.  It just dawned on me tonight that this may be the case.  So, time to test the theory.  I decide to hook the cable box directly up to the T.V. for it’s signal and then all the problems went away.  Good news and bad news.  The good news is that I found the problem.  The bad news, I’m not sure how much this is going to cost to fix and whether we’re going to be able to afford to fix it or not.  Well, it’s time to call JSG Audio and Video and talk to Jebb and find out what the damage is.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 37 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 37:  Kett let Seinar know that there were complications on Zonoma Sekot as he handed a message to him from Ke Daiv.  Daiv had been rejected by the seeds.  Kett also told him that Tarkin is getting nervous and wants an update.  Kett asked if they should use Tarkin’s plan.  Seinar denies the idea saying that he doesn’t have time for polotics and he wants to give the Blood Carver one more day.  Kett is warned they will be detected by sensors soon if they do not back off.  Kett tells Seinar that he now believes he knows what the surface marks on the planet were made by, neutron dissemblers.  He also notes that no one in the known galaxy has that kind of weaponry technology.  Kett believes the gauges were some type of preemptive strike.  Kett concluded that they don’t know enough about it.  Seinar gave Kett a datapad with a message about a failed assassination attempt on himself and a wonderful turn of events for the mission.  He knew this would attract Tarkin’s attention and cause him to show up in force.  Then there was the back-up plan.  If successful, Seinar would have a Sekotan ship, a frightened pilot and maybe even two Jedi.


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