‘Star Wars:Rogue Planet’ – Chapter 36

Well, I had the same manager today for work at Wendy’s and things seemed a little better.  But ultimately, it still took too much time for things to get into place.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of delegation of abilities at this workplace.  I try to remind myself that I am working with kids that are in high school or even some high school dropouts, so I may be expecting more from them than they are expecting of me.  I really regret having taken this job at Wendy’s.  It started out kind of fun, but has become very stressful and monotonous.  One thing is for sure, I will never look at hamburgers or french fries the same way ever again!

Came home from work and the kids and I got to work on dinner.  We ate dinner together and my kids begged me to watch Star Wars:  Episode III, which was on HBO at 7 p.m.  So, who was I to say no to a Star Wars movie, especially when my kids are the excuse to watch it.  My wife went to work at six and the kids watched Star Wars with me.  After a while, I went downstairs and watched “The Longest Yard” while they all watched “Garfield” after Star Wars.  I liked “The Longest Yard” and actually found it rather funny when I didn’t think I would.  Actually, a really good movie, even if it’s another remake.  I stayed up fairly late to watch the movie and to continue to work on my Helm’s Deep set.  I may actually be done with the set by tommorrow morning.  So, I’ve decided to wake up a little bit early and come downstairs and finish the set before I go to work and then tommorrow night I will put the entire model back together.

Okay, time to talk about Chapter 36 of “Star Wars:Rogue Planet” by Greg Bears…..

Chapter 36:  The carapods brought them to the point where the stone columns stopped and opened into a giant valley.  The red faced forger told them that they have arrrived at the forging pits.  He asks Anakin what his many seeds are saying.  He says their eager.  He takes Anakin’s seeds as well as Obi-Wan’s, loads them on a carapod then tells the Jedi to walk with him.  He says they’re lucky they got him because he could convince all fifteen seeds to stay.  The forgers poke fun at each other and then the lead forger explained that people on the planet were split by the Magister.  The Ferroans lived upland and the Langhesi live downland.  Anakin had read about ancients called Langhesa, when he was studying on Coruscant, who had been enslaved by Tsinimals.  The Langhesa were farmers and artists.  The Tsinimals viewed the arts as a sin.  The forger told them they would get their ship and the uplanders would make them forget everything except the forging pits and him, who introduced himself as Vagno.


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